Verstas Architects / FIN

Light House

The Verstas LIGHT HOUSE is a study of the interior of Tikkurila Church in recycled corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard is a light and ecological material which depicts the warmth of the actual building’s brick walls. When laser cut and stacked the cardboard reflects the geometry of the space and the play of light on the masonry. The interior can be viewed from one side of the construction, marking the connection to the Congregation Center in the actual building.

VERSTAS won the competition for the new church for the Tikkurila Lutheran congregation in February 2007. The design work on the building is ongoing.
The new church will be located in-between the old Congregation Center and the City Hall of Vantaa – essentially the only surviving older buildings of the Tikkurila center. Otherwise, most of the neighbourhood is dominated by rather cold 1970s administrative and commercial buildings. In this kind of setting the new church has the potential to be a good counterbalance.

Our design introduces an urban church, which reflects humane values in the ever more commercializing environment. The church is aimed for everyone as an open public space for both composing one’s thoughts and gathering together. The new church will become a focal point that illuminates the whole Tikkurila center and will give a unique, recognizable character for the city square.

The sturdy masonry walls express permanence, the necessary luxury that has become ever more rare these days. In the church interior indirect lighting accentuates the curved geometry of the red brick walls. The narrow windows on the sides direct the natural light toward the altar. The altar is lit directly from above. Timelessness and tranquility are the key elements.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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