JKMM Architects / FIN
Light House
We travelled to the little town of Fiskars to see our friend carpenter Kari Virtanen and to seek a proper log for our project. We found an expressive log of an ash tree that had a rotten core and worked our “Light House” out from this log.
The rotten core was carved out. The natural outer surface of the log was preserved. The drying and cutting of the log was made with patience, to avoid any cracking of the surfaces.
The cuts were made delicately with simple gestures. The cut surfaces were treated differently; the other end of the log has been sawn, the inner space is brushed and the geometrically cut forms have hewn and oiled surfaces.
Our “Light House” is given a position beside the trees in the Nordic Pavilion. The construction strives to express the relationship between nature and the built environment as well as the Nordic Pavilion does. This object is at the same time a universal piece of nature and an unfinished built object. It can be seen as a piece of sculpture or as a miniature dwelling with spatial character.
The Light House emphasizes the process of crafting things. In our works the goal is to bring together human touch and the possibilities that materials and structure possess. Buildings should improve over the years, along with the people that dwell in them.
This object resembles our work.
Architecture has to do with the context.
Architecture has to do with people.
Architecture has to do with making sculptures.
Architecture has to do with craft.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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