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Light House
Our contribution to the Light Houses exhibition is a spatial installation including sound and seating.
The project has two sources. One is the fictional dialogue between Sverre Fehn and Andrea Palladio written in 1964 and published in Per Olaf Fjeld’s book Sverre Fehn – The Thought of Construction in 1983. The other is the module of 521 millimeters that Fehn made use of in the design of the Nordic Pavilion. (1)
The recorded dialogue evokes the architectonic and poetic realm of Sverre Fehn:
In this house I met Palladio.
He was tired, but all the same he spoke:
“You have put all the utilities, bath, toilets and kitchen in the center of the house. I made a large room out of it, you know, and the dome with the opening was without glass. When I planned the house it was a challenge toward nature – rain, air, heat and cold could fill the room.”
“And the four directions,” I replied.
“Oh yes, you know,” and he became smaller. “At that time we were about to lose the horizon. You have opened the corners,” he stopped a little. “You are on the way towards losing the globe.”
“Tell me more,” I said.
His voice began to weaken, but he whispered: “All constructed thoughts are related to death.” And then he was gone.
The recording comes from a suspended speaker placed in a tailored holster made of natural wool felt. During transport the piece is contained within a crate of OSB board. After installation the crate becomes seating for the listener. The crate measures 521x521x521 millimeters and is as such designed specifically for the given site in the Pavilion. The material similarity between the crate and the sound piece – the compressed fibers – is of some importance.
(1) Fjeld, Per Olaf , Sverre Fehn – The Thought of Construction, New York, Rizzoli, 1983: p.9/p.164

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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