Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects / NOR
Light House
Model making is the main tool and method in JVA’s architectural production.
The model workshop is the heart of the office, where conceptual models and study models are made on a daily basis. They are not meant be pretty – they are an instrument to make new and interesting architecture. Dialogues around the making of conceptual models are essential in our process. Physical models give a clear understanding for the spaces created.
Our models are stored on an eye-catching large shelf. From this visible storage we discuss development of new architecture together with ongoing and older projects. The Biennale installation is – like the shelf – an archive of JVA’s work. Models of unrealized projects and lost competitions are taken out and placed in a structure. In the Nordic Pavilion they come to life and tell a story about an architectural practice.
The exhibited models represent the variety of JVA’s architectural production. They exemplify various relations to architecture in the landscape – from steep hillsides to flat terrain. They exemplify typologies and research for materials, modules, and formal expressions. The models are a contribution to the idea of objects set into a structure at the Nordic Pavilion. Without comparison, the simple structure of the shelf refers to the structure of the Pavilion.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen
More information about the exhibition and the other models