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Knot is a work by architect Petra Gipp and composer Kim Hedås.
The work constitutes part of an artistic investigation which intends to explore how the dimensions of architecture/art and music/sound may be widened as more layers are added to the totality. In Knot, sound and structure interact to create new sequences which together build a polyphonically shifting play. The architecture is defined through the matter and its relationship to the music, which in turn is reinforced by the space. Knot inquires whether these layers can enhance the understanding of an architectural work and a musical work respectively – whether their reciprocity can reinforce each individual piece.
Knot explores the reciprocity between the sound of a double chorus and an architecture arising from the interaction between a part cast in concrete and its double cast in bronze, between the plan and the section which forms its double. As they meet, a knot of void and matter emerges which frames the light from outside and allows it to play its way inwards together with the music.
The collaboration with Kim Hedås started with the work Refugium/Illusion at the Kivik Art Centre. The project Skikt forms a continuation of this collaboration, an exploratory project in architecture and sound. Knot is one constituent of this investigation, as is the project Part, presented at The Venice Biennale 2012 at Palazzo Bembo together with works by architects Steven Holl and Arata Isozaki, among others.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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