Elding Oscarson / SWE
Giardini Bird Houses
Happiness has been transmitted by Sverre Fehn’s Nordic Pavilion for fifty years. The Pavilion draws our attention with its thin structure and extreme openness to the Giardini. It is, in fact an outdoor space, where trees grow through openings cut in the transparent roof. The Pavilion’s qualities are easy to understand; we imagine a child could enjoy them, as would a bird. On the very inclusive theme of the 13th Architecture Biennale, we would like to send an invitation to the thousands of birds that inhabit the Giardini, a place to which people fly in but birds are permanent.
Creating a slightly disturbing moment among the repetitive beams, the little bird colony highlights the most characteristic building component while providing a lofty vantage point for the birds to enjoy the rigidly laid out exhibition below. If the exhibits were permanent, we would soon know if the generic bird house is favored above the one proportioned according to Fibonacci sequence, or the one that borrows its form from Sverre Fehn’s Glacier Museum outhouse above the one that looks just like any Swedish outhouse.
However, like the people, the exhibits will take off when the party is over, returning the Giardini to the birds.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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