K2S Architects / FIN

Working Drawings

Architecture is condensed in working drawings. In these documents, the immense amount of work necessary to design a building coalesces. Architects’ working drawings are equivalent to musicians’ notations and score sheets. Through these sheets our architecture can be understood. The proportions, materials, dimensions, and details are there. But the most interesting thing about working drawings is that in them the emotional and inexplicable aspects of architecture must take physical form.

This book contains nearly everything we have realized during the last ten years. In a way, it is a kind of diary. The book itself is an object we like. Today almost all our work is digital, and it is good to see things in a true physical form. One of the projects presented here, the Kamppi Chapel, is also exhibited in the Finnish Pavilion.

K2S Architects is in a way an old school architecture office. Our focus is on designing and building real buildings. To us it is important that our architecture is rooted in the site, rooted in both the past and future, and most important rooted in the human soul. Good architecture will always create an emotional impact.

Photo: K2S Architects
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