Arkitektstudio Widjedal Racki / SWE
Why does a certain architecture deeply engage us while others just pass us by? Wherein is the difference? Through which language does architecture communicate with us? As with good art or music, architecture can sometimes open a direct link to our emotions, a link that is hard to trace, explain, or reference in science. An architect’s job is to explore this field.
We often search for our answers in the directness of simple spaces with a strong presence of materials and tactility and close interaction with light. The result often includes sensations felt rather than thought and a conscious focus on mood and atmosphere before form. In this we feel that we share a common bond with much Nordic architecture in both past and present, not least with this Pavilion by Sverre Fehn.
The Phenobox construction is actually a series of boxes joined together to form a unified whole. An anonymous exterior shields a secret inner world waiting to be explored. Inside we have gathered a number of small and simple spaces from our memory and imagination. We hope these spaces will, in a playful way, engage and inspire your thoughts and interest for the spaces that surround us. Much is only hinted at here; much is left for the imagination to complete.
In an increasingly two-dimensional world, we wish to stress that architecture is meant to be experienced with our bodies in the duration of time. But it is equally true that all experiences are but products of our minds … so welcome!

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

More information about the exhibition and the other models