Anttinen Oiva Architects / FIN
Light House
”The act of building can be brutal. When I build on a site in nature that is totally unspoiled, it is a fight, an attack by our own culture. In this confrontation, I strive to make a building that will make people more aware of the beauty of the setting, and when looking at the building, a hope for a new consciousness to see the beauty there as well.” Sverre Fehn 1997
Architecture opens up new perspectives into sites and situations. It creates and generates platforms for interactions, by bringing together different forms of lives in their inherent pluralities. It is the elements of everyday life that we shape and which shapes us. It intensifies the experiences we have and makes us aware of the particularities of each time, space and society. In and through architecture we are able to acknowledge the beauty of our surroundings – while at the same time growing the awareness of the inherent limitations of it. The aim of constructing spaces for multiple uses and purposes goes hand in hand with the awareness of the scarcity of natural resources. The integrity of architecture activates the dialogue with it, while its simplicity encourages plurality of views and visions, giving its articulations freedom and breathing space. A building that is able to address and impress in its own unique way paves the way for experiences that are private and public, personal and shared in a collective sense.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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