Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects / FIN
Light House
Our Light House is made of rosehip bush roots found on the sandy beach on “Havshäxans udde” in Hanko. Hanko is situated at the southern-most tip of Finland. The place has an important role in our own history; it is a place to find calm and tranquility next to the sea and the horizon.
The roots are marked by weather, sea, and time. We have allowed the roots to form a cubic spatial volume within the given dimensions.
We wanted to use a light, site-specific, natural material that feels relevant to our own lives, reflecting the landscape and atmosphere of the place.
When hovering above the floor of the Nordic Pavilion the shadows cast by the woven form continue the pattern of Sverre Fehn’s structure.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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