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NORA, an interactive study-model
NORA originates from an earlier spatial study for a part of a Sámi Centre in Snåsa, Norway. The spatial study has been transformed into an interactive model for the Nordic Pavilion in Venice.
NORA is inspired by a poem about the North, written by the Finnish-Swedish writer Johan Runeberg (1804–1877), and by the Nordic situation today, with 9 more or less independent Nordic regions and cultures. We are fascinated by the fact that the Nordic peoples are so few in proportional relationship to their land areas; the population density is extremely low. The strong shared relationship with nature is perhaps the reason for one of the strongest Nordic common grounds today, the unique Nordic network of social cooperation and interaction, a tight mesh of numerous cross-border ties at all levels of society. The Nordic network of cooperation is internationally recognized for its strong bottom-up organisation, its strong confidence in its constituent peoples, and its unquestioned recognition among the inhabitants of the Nordic region.
Nordic Countries/Regions Area in km2 (coastline in km) People
Greenland (DK) 2 166086 (39330) 56 615
Sweden 450295 (11500) 9 113257
Sámi (N,S,SF,R) 388350 80000
Finland 338417 (1250) 5276955
Norway 323802 (24148) 4681134
Iceland 103300 (4970) 307672
Denmark 43561 (7314) 5560620
Åland (SF) 1580 28007
The Faroe Islands (DK) 1396 (1289) 48574
Recent statistics from www.norden.org, www.samer.se
Löfven de falla
Sjöarna frysa.-
Flyttande svanor,
Seglen, o seglen
Sorgsna till södern,
Söken dess nödspis,
Längtande åter,
Plöjen dess sjöar,
Saknande våra!
Då skall ett öga
Se er från palmens
Skugga och tala:
“Tynande svanor,
Hvilken förtrollning
Hvilar på norden?
Den, som från södern
Längtar, hans längtan
Söker en himmel.”

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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