Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter / NOR

We believe there is a shared Nordic Common Ground, best understood as a fundamental mind-set pertaining to a profound relation to nature and a sincere understanding of our social responsibilities. In architecture, this is conveyed through an approach towards architecture of the essence.

To draw spaces of quality, inhabitable and uninhabitable, is generally speaking our responsibility. For us, architecture is by its nature earthbound, drawn by and for people. In an era of exploding information technology where culture and economy has become global, we seek the very primitive relationship between space and body. We believe that architecture becomes extinct when the architectural act detaches itself from the basic human needs.

In biological evolution the leading causes of extinction are the destruction of natural habitat, migration of species, and lack of adaptability. Some of these tendencies are traceable in our current professional reality. Architects, who were historically the king’s right hand and the undisputed authorities, are now often merely the executors of a plan decided by the institutions holding political authority.

The installation Adaptation addresses a professional crossroads. Our role is constantly evolving. We face continuous erosion of traditional architectural skills, at the same time we are conservative in exploring new fields of strategic expertise. This, together with the consequences of a globalized economy and cultural confusion demands adaptability to a rapidly shifting reality.

Photo: Sivan Brezniak

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