Context Box
For us, the context of architecture is as important as the possible architectural intervention. We have an interest in the context itself: a complex situation with strong collective implications.
As we see it, that context consists of both the physical landscape and the people that inhabit and consider that landscape. The landscape is the continuous web that surrounds the planet – the physical ground for architectural intervention. The web is in a state of constant change. People’s ideas and attitudes are also in constant change, providing an ever-changing flow of ideas created by individuals, by groups, and by society. This is the mental ground for architectural intervention.
The interplay between physical and mental architectural intervention makes the context a dynamic and chaotic phenomenon. We shape the context; the context shapes us. Our daily life is all about how we as individuals relate to the context.
How can we interact with and contribute to the context? How is the potential of the context as a common ground nurtured? How is the interplay between idea and process represented?
In considering our practice, our project, and the context of the Nordic Pavilion, we came to the conclusion that we had to turn the model inside out. The outer appearance of our project is an anonymous box, and the individual is placed in the centre. Four display screens depict four individual streams of information. In combination, the displays create a continuous landscape. As the person in the centre you can rotate between the displays and choose what context to see and comprehend.
We hope that the device can provide an immediate meditation on the nature of the context and the potential to create a common ground.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen

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