Sanaksenaho Architects / FIN
The exhibition object is a miniature model of a lighthouse situated in the archipelago of Finland. The scale of the model is 1:40. It is an abstraction which reflects the architecture of Sanaksenaho Architects’ office.
The volume is a simple and sensitive form made of alder wood. The curved forms are familiar in our design expression. Many times the buildings designed by the office hint at boats, ships, and fishes, all dynamic organic forms. The inspiration of Nordic nature, this special kind of northern light and shadow, gives the guiding idea to our buildings.
The wooden volume is pleasant to touch. The object gives a scent of tar. An architecture for many senses, giving people emotional contact to their environment, is the approach of Sanaksenaho Architects design. Material plays an important role in the buildings. The office likes to use natural materials with their pure character, materials which have a long relationship with a human being. For this exhibition object, alder wood is chosen. Alder wood is a traditional material in Finland, beautiful with its reddish tone, and one most beloved by the office. The pedestal plate is made of hot rolled steel with its natural character. The steel is an abstraction of the water above which the lighthouse rises. Water and forms adapted to water also play an important role in Venice.
The lighthouse is a tower. In its proportions and vertical character the lighthouse hints also to the body of a human being; the curves of a leg or a breast are there. The proportions are like a tall man or woman standing in the exhibition hall. In this way architecture can also be human. The tower is in dialogue with the Nordic Pavilion’s interior. The vertical object stands as a counterpoint to the horizontal exhibition space. The forms, materials, and atmosphere of the lighthouse become visible in the beautiful natural light of the Pavilion.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen
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