Reverse chronology

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Exhibition venues: from 1982 Kasarmikatu 24: bh = big hall, sh = small halli, a = archive, s = studio, l = lobby, st = staircase;
from 1957 to 1981 Puistokatu 4.
Some exhibitions have been shown in other venues. These are mentioned.
Shared Cities. European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014 (bh) 4.2.–15.3.
Nieto & Sobejano. Alvar Aalto Medal 2015 (sh) 4.2.–1.3.
Lahdelma & Mahlamδki. From Competition to Implementation. Works 1982–2015 (sh) 6.3.–5.4.
Suomi Seven. Emerging Architects from Finland (bh) 24.3.–17.5.
The Finnish rowhouse – from working-class housing to middle-class dream (sh) 15.4.–17.5.
Kaisa Library in use (l) 16.4.–17.5.
Down the Stairs to a Shady Grove. Dialogues in Finnish garden design and architecture (bh, sh) 27.5.–23.8.
Re-Creation. The Resilience of Architecture (Esplanade Park) 11.6.–13.9.
Sukiya – Japanese Teahouse (bh, sh) 2.9.–15.11.
Personal Space among Trees (st) 23.10.–1.11.
Cure and Care. Healing Spaces Then and Now (bh,sh) 25.11.–5.6.
The White City of Tel Aviv. The Modern Movement of Tel Aviv (bh, sh) 12.2.–30.3.
Two Paths to Silence. Interpretations of contemporary Finnish Church Architecture (bh) 9.4.–1.6.
Tribute to an Architect Trio: Nystrφm–Petrelius–Penttilδ (sh) 9.4.–11.5.
Arkki Kids Creating the Future. 20-vuotisjuhlavuoden nδyttelysarja 2014: Unelmatalot (st) 28.4.–22.5.
Grey Matter – Architecture and Photography (sh) 15.5 – 1.6.
Finnish Architecture: Biennial Review 2014 (bh) 11.6. – 28.9.
Taking Stock. Reviews of Finnish Architecture 1953–2012 (sh) 11.6. – 28.9.
Personal Space among Trees (st)24.10.– 02.11.
Annual Rings 1994–2014. A New Generation of Wood Architecture (bh, sh) 8.10.2014–25.1.2015
Transformation. Towards a Sustainable Future (bh) 2.10.–2.2.
Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2010, 2011, 2012 (sh) 2.10.–2.2.
Sensory Cube (st) 13.–20.9.
Light Houses. Young Nordic Architecture (bh, sh) 5.6.–22.9.
Aquarelles by Architects. Output of Art Camps (MFA Villa) 7.–31.5.
Glenn Murcutt. Architecture for Place (bh, sh) 6.3.–26.5.
Unbuilt Helsinki (bh) 5.12.–24.2.
Castles in the Sky – Discarded Designs (sh) 5.12.–24.2.
Snψhetta: architecture – landscape – interior (bh, sh) 10.10.–25.11.
Sensory Ball (stairway) 4.–23.9.
Smart Living. Sustainability in Finnish Small-scale Residential Building (sh) 6.6.–30.9.
Finnish Architecture 2010/2011. Projects. Comments. Perspectives (bh) 6.6.–30.9.
Shorelines. Urban Living by the Water (bh, sh) 28.3.–27.5.
Let's Build a City! (bh, sh) 5.–18.3.
Drawings of Kallio Churh from the Early 1900s (stairway) 1.3.–29.4.
Paulo David. Alvar Aalto Medal 2012 (sh) 4.–26.2.
Seven Connections. A Window on Contemporary Finnish Architecture (bh) 11.1.–26.2.
New Playgrounds (sh) 14.12.–29.1.
Manmade Environment. New Nordic Landscape Architecture (bh, sh) 8.10.–4.12.
The Best School in the World (bh, sh) 8.6.–25.9.
Beauty, Functionality, Durability. Two Centuries of State Building and Development in Finland 1811–2011 (bh, sh) 2.3.–1.5.
Architect Aarne Ervi 1910–1977 (bh, sh) 1.12.–27.2.
Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2007 • 2008 • 2009 (bh) 8.10.–21.11.
Villages and Centres. Architecture Competitions (sh) 8.10.–21.11.
Finnish Architecture 0809 (bh, sh) 9.6.–26.9.
Wooden Churches in the Russian North (sh) 10.3.–30.5.
Building a Better Future. Architecture Competitions (sh) 10.3.–30.5.

Gingerbread Intervention (Design Museum) 11.12.–10.1.
Eight Houses by Gert Wingεrdh (bh) 9.12.–28.2.
Architectural Treasures at the Bank. Drawings from the Nordea Collection (sh) 9.12.–28.2.
Architect Sverre Fehn. Intuition, Reflection, Construction (bh) 16.9.–29.11.
Architect Erik Krεkstrφm (sh) 16.9.–29.11.
Kari Hakli. Architectural Photographs (a) 19.8.–23.10.
The Decades of Finnish Architecture (bh) 10.6.–6.9.
Kirnu, Gaissa, Kiela and Other Pseudonyms (sh) 10.6.–6.9.
Trygve Ahlstrφm. A Curtailed Architectural Career (a) 12.5.–16.6.
Sense of Architecture. Architectural Structures Filmed by Heinz Emigholz (bh) 13.3.–31.5.
Architecture by Ferdinand Salokangas in Rovaniemi (sh) 13.3.–31.5.
Ampiainen Remix (l) 8.–25.1.

Store and Share. Museums and Libraries in Finland (bh) 10.12.–1.3.
The Archives of an Architect. Olli Kivinen (sh) 10.12.–1.3.
OASE Architectural Journal 25 years (a) 10.12.–1.3.
Living the Modern. Australian Architecture (bh) 8.10.–30.11.
Jorma Jδrvi. Architecture for Everyday Life (sh) 8.10.–30.11.
Finnish Architecture 0607 (bh) 4.6.–28.9.
Plans and Visions for the Future (sh) 4.6.–28.9.
Look Near! Details of Buildings from the 1950s in Helsinki's Meilahti
and Pohjois-Haaga Districts (a) 12.3.–23.5.
Raili and Reima Pietilδ. Challenging Modern Architecture
(bh, sh) 27.2.–25.5.
Heimo Riihimδki, the Architect of the KK Cooperative (a) 19.2.–7.3.

Emerging Identities – East! (bh) 21.11.–17.2.
Helsinki Music Centre (sh) 21.11.–17.2.
The Roof Structures of the Medieval Sacristy in Porvoo (a) 2.–26.10.
Rural Architecture in the Eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey (bh) 12.9.–11.11.
Places to Live, Breathe and Meditate (sh) 12.9.–11.11.
Elegant Stair Halls in the Tφφlφ District, Helsinki (a) 4.–29.9.
The Artek Pavilion by Shigeru Ban (courtyard) 24.8.–23.9.
City Home. New Residential Architecture in the Helsinki Region (bh) 20.6.–2.9.
Wood Works (sh) 20.6.–2.9.
Rogelio Salmona: Open Spaces/Collective Spaces (bh) 18.4.–10.6.
Measure and Order. Building Blocks as Tools (sh) 18.4.–10.6.
Arctic Cities: Kiruna, Oulu, Tromsψ (bh) 7.2.–8.4.
Two Current Museum Projects: Maritime Centre Vellamo, Museum of the History of Polish Jews (sh) 7.2.–8.4.

New, Old, Green (bh) 15.11.–28.1.
Architecture Photographs by Heikki Havas (a) 15.11.–26.1.
Eero Saarinen. Introductory Exhibition, poster stands at Kamppi 13.10.–3.11.
Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 7.10.–6.12.
Eero Saarinen and Helsinki (Glass Palace, Helsinki) 26.9.–22.10.
130 Years of Finnish Architectural Competitions (bh) 13.9.–5.11.
City and Space (sh) 13.9.–5.11.
Finnish Architecture 0405 (bh) 14.6.–3.9.
The New and the Brave (sh) 14.6.–3.9.
Hidden City (bh)19.4.–4.6.
Summer House – Experimental House (ph) 19.4.–4.6.
The SOK Cooperative, Pioneer of Functionalism (S Gallery, Helsinki) 14.2.–10.3.
Art Nouveau and Rationalism. The Architecture of Sigurd Frosterus
(bh) 8.2.–9.4.
The Architecture of Dwellings (sh) 8.2.–9.4.
Drawings by Aarno Ruusuvuori (a) 3.2.–3.3.

Hiroshi Naito. Innerscape (bh) 30.11.–29.1.
Churches of Chiloι (sh) 9.12.–29.1.
Constructing a Legend. The International Exhibitions of Finnish Architecture 1957¬–1967 (bh) 14.9.–20.11.
Architecture Competitions (sh) 14.9.–20.11.
From Wood to Architecture (bh) 10.6.–4.9.
Returning Home. Sibelius' Ainola (sh) 10.6.–4.9.
Towards a New Architecture. Master's Theses from Three Schools (bh) 13.4.–5.6.
The Playhouse of the Dreams (sh) 13.4.–5.6.
Reima Pietilδ: Kaleva Church (a) 9.–31.3.
Light and Form. Hungarian Architecture and Photography 1927–1950
(bh) 2.2.–3.4.
Kaj Englund, Architect 1905–1976 (sh) 2.2.–3.4.

Austria West – Tirol and Vorarlberg. New Architecture
(bh, sh) 1.12.–23.1.
Finnish Architecture 0203 (bh) 3.9.–21.11.
Architecture Competitions (sh) 3.9.–21.11.
Architecture 1900: Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, St Petersburg
(bh) 9.6.–29.8.
Architecture Graphics (bh) 31.3.–30.5.
Bertha Enwald. An Attempt at Practising Architecture (sh) 31.3.–25.4.
Frosterus & Gripenberg & Co Architects (a) 23.3.–?.
Italia la Bella. Travel Sketches by Eva and Hilding Ekelund (a) 12.2.–?.
Sacral Space. Modern Finnish Churches (bh) 30.1.–21.3.
Josef Stenbδck's Church Architecture (sh) 30.1.–21.3.

Architecture Competitions (bh) 13.12.–25.1.
Architecture of the Landscape. Competitions 2001–2003 (sh) 13.12.–25.1.
Tapiola in the Future (bh) 8.10.–7.12.
Early Tapiola. A Town in a Park (bh) 8.10.–7.12.
Tapiola Lives. Multimedia of South Tapiola Urban Development (s) 8.10.–7.12.
Picturing St. Petersburg. Photographs by Kari Hakli (sh) 8.10.–7.12.
Restoring Viipuri City Library (l) 18.–25.9.
The New Sauna? (bh) 29.8.–28.9.
The New Helsinki? (bh) 29.8.–28.9.
Finnish Architecture in Models (sh) 24.6.–28.9.
Beginnings in Africa (bh) 11.6.–24.8.
Timo Vormala, Architect. The Asko-Avonius Prize 2003 (sh) 20.5.–15.6.
Outlining Architecture. The Finnish Architectural Review 100 Years (bh) 9.4.–1.6.
The Building of the Month (a) through the year
Immaterial Space (bh, sh) 15.1.–30.3.

Architecture Competitions (bh) 27.11.–5.1.
Advent Calendar (sh) 27.11.–5.1.
Gingerbread Town (s) 27.11.–5.1.
Frank Gehry: Walt Disney Concert Hall (bh) 6.9.–17.11.
Models from the Collection of Raili and Reima Pietilδ (sh) 6.9.–17.11.
Drawn in Sand. Unrealised Visions by Alvar Aalto (bh) 13.6.–28.8.
Models from the Collections of the Museum (a) 13.6.–?.
Contemporary Alpine Architecture (bh) 24.4.–2.6.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Jaaksi Kurkela Miettinen Mδki-Jyllilδ (s) 24.4.–2.6.
Farms in Transition. Building the Finnish Countryside in the 20th Century (sh) 24.4.–2.6.
3 Artists 3 Places (Eva Lφfdahl, Silja Rantanen, Maaria Wirkkala) (bh) 27.2.–14.4.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Seppo Huttu-Hiltunen (sh) 27.2.–14.4.
3 x Baptisterio (s) 27.2.–14.4.
Treasures from the Archives: The History of the Aikatalo Building in Helsinki (a) 20.2.–14.4.

Paul Olsson's Collection of Landscape Architecture (a) 20.12.–?.
Finnish Pavilion, Paris World Fair 1900 (bh) 17.11.–17.2.
Villas from a Hundred Years Back (sh) 17.11.–17.2.
Suur-Merijoki. A Home as a Work of Art (s) 17.11.–17.2.
Finnish World Fair Pavilions (st) 17.11.–17.2.
Art Nouveau in Europe. 9 Cities (l) 17.11.–17.2.
Literature on Art Nouveau from the Museum Library (st) 17.11.–17.2.
Drawings by Olli Pφyry (a) 8.11.–14.12.
Architecture Competitions (bh, sh) 12.10.–7.11.
Hannu Siren: The Landscaping of a Deserted Marble Quarry in Tuscany, Italy (s) 12.10.–7.11.
Concrete Spaces. Architect Aarno Ruusuvuori's Works from the 1960s (bh, sh, s) 15.6.–30.9.
Wooden Pauper Statues from Old Finnish Churches (bh) 11.4.–27.5.
New Donations and Acquisitions (sh) 11.4.–27.5.
Pasi Kolhonen: Horror Vacui (s) 11.4.–27.5.
Maaria Wirkkala: A Void Me. Small Retrospective (sh) 3.–4.4.
The Modernism of the 1920s and 30s in Finnish Architecture Photography (a) 13.3.–2.11.
West is East is West. Mies van der Rohe (bh) 7.3.–1.4.
Man's Place. Architecture Students' Photographs from Central Europe in 2000 (sh) 7.3.–1.4.
The Best Picks of Helsinki Forum (bh) 9.–25.2.
Helsinki Forum: Plans for the Tφφlφnlahti and Kaisaniemi Areas (bh) 19.1.–4.2.

Helsinki Forum: Competition for the Kamppi Area (bh) 15.12.–14.1.
Helsinki Forum: New Designs for the Ruoholahti Area (ih) 24.11.–5.12.
Oiva Kallio: Landscape Photographs (a) 13.11.2000¬–?.
Helsinki Forum: Competition for the Music Centre (bh) 1.–19.11.
Messages for Helsinki in 2000 (s) 20.9.–29.10.
Mental Landscapes. Paintings and Drawings by William J. R. Curtis (sh) 20.9.–29.10.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 13.9.–8.10.
Matti Saanio (a) 8.9.–10.11.
Quo Vadis. Young Finnish Architects (bh) 7.6.–27.8.
Aulis Blomstedt: Serigraphs (s) 7.6.–27.8.
Aulis Blomstedt: Kenno and Canon 60 (sh) 7.6.–27.8.
Feels like Space, Smells Like Brick… (bh, sh, s) 7.4.–21.5.
6th Mies van der Rohe Award for European Architecture
(Jetty Barracks Gallery, Suomenlinna Fortress) 5.4.–28.5.
8 Cities 8 Colours (sh) 15.3.–16.4.
Dominique Perrault (bh) 28.1.–19.3.
Aulis Blomstedt: Proportional Studies (s) 28.1.–19.3.
Contemporary European Architects. Beate Hψlmebakk, Oslo: Three Houses (sh) 28.1.–5.3.
Architecture Students' Measuring Drawings of Karelian Houses (sh) 17.–19.1.

The House for the Learned Societies 100 Years (s) 15.12.–16.1.
Modernised Landscapes. Greek Architecture from the 1960s and 1990s (bh) 24.11.–16.1.
Meton Gadelha: Architectural Drawings (sh) 24.11.–2.1.
Architecture Competitions (bh, s) 27.10.–14.11.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Lauri Louekari. Works from 1986–1998 (sh) 13.10.–14.11.
Juha Leiviskδ (bh) 25.8.–17.10.
Etelδranta 10, Helsinki (sh) 25.8.–3.10.
David Frφlander-Ulf (s) 25.8.–3.10.
En Route! Architects' Travel Sketches (bh, sh, s) 12.5.–15.8.
Liepaja. Photographs by Kari Hakli (sh) 24.3.–25.4.
Charles Correa (bh) 24.2.–2.5.
Contemporary European Architects: Allies & Morrison, London (sh) 3.2.–14.3.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 27.1.–14.2.

Contemporary Finnish Architects: Pekka Salminen (sh) 16.12.–24.1.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Pekka Pitkδnen (sh) 4.11.–5.12.1.
Iron Constructions (bh) 14.10.–17.1.
Contemporary European Architects: Diener & Diener, Basel (sh) 23.9.–25.10.
Futuro House (sh) 19.8.–13.9.
Alvar Aalto: Urban Visions (bh) 10.6.–4.10.
Viipuri Library Photographed by Wijnanda Deroo (sh) 10.6.–9.8.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 13.–31.5.
Martta and Ragnar Ypyδ. Three Decades of Finnish Modernism (sh) 27.3.–3.5.
The Second Life of Scrap. Objects from West Africa (bh) 25.3.–3.5.
Lars Sonck: St Michael's Church (s) 25.3.–3.5.
Alvar Aalto in Seven Houses (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 4.2.–29.3.
Finland Builds 9 (bh) 28.1.–15.3.
50th Anniversary: the Liperi Vocational College by Viljo Revell (s) 28.1.–15.3.

Living Tradition. Wooden Houses and Villages from the Finnish Archipelago, Karelia and Ingria (bh) 3.12.–18.1.
The Home as a Work of Art. Interiors from the Turn of the 20th Century (sh) 3.12.–18.1.
Sketches by Erkki Kairamo (bh) 29.10.–23.11.
Fredrik Sundahl: The White Box (s) 29.10.–23.11.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 24.9.–19.10.
Everyday architecture (sh) 24.9.–23.11.
Northern Factor. New Generation of the North (bh) 4.6.–14.9.
Hilding Ekelund 1893–1984, Architect (bh) 26.2.–11.5.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: A-konsultit (sh) 26.2.–11.5.

40th Anniversary of the State Art Work Committee (bh) 4.12.–16.2.
Leisure Time Studio (s) 4.12.–16.2.
Vadu. Architecture Caricatures by Matti Vesikansa (sh) 23.10.–16.2.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 23.10.–24.11.
Nemo Propheta in Patria, competition (s) 23.10.–24.11.
Timber Construction in Finland (bh) 29.5.–13.10.
Architecture Workshops (bh) 10.4.–19.5.
P.E. Blomstedt 1900–1935, Architect (bh) 14.2.–31.3.
Master's Theses in Architecture from the 1910s (sh) 14.2.–31.3.
Jarl Jaatinen 1914–1940 (a) 14.2.–29.3.
Project for the Nordic Embassies in Berlin (a) 18.1.–9.2.

Lina Bo Bardi 1914–1992, Brazilian Architect (bh) 13.12.–4.2.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 1.11.–3.12.
Protect the Modern! (sh) 4.10.–12.11.
Townscape Transformations. Five Interpretations of Space (sh, streets) 21.8.–24.9.
Juha Leiviskδ (sh) 21.6.–13.8.
Animal Architecture (bh) 5.5.–22.10.
The Architecture School in Tampere and International Students' Competitions (sh) 5.5.–4.6.
Elsi Borg 1893–1958, Architect (sh) 17.3.–23.4.
Engel's Legacy (bh) 5.3.–23.4.
Leonhard Lapin. Architecture as a Temple (sh) 3.2.–5.3.
Drawings by Ivar Tengbom (a) 1.2.–7.4.
Nils Erik Wickberg, Architect (bh) 1.2.–5.3.

Drawings by Vδinφ Vδhδkallio (a) 14.12.–13.1.
Rafael Moneo, Architect (bh) 2.11.–22.1.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Kaarina Lφfstrφm (sh) 9.12.–22.1.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Markus and Leena Aaltonen (sh) 2.–30.11.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 5.–23.10.
Heroism and the Everyday. Building Finland in the 1950s (bh) 22.6.–25.9.
Pottery and Architecture in Western Africa (bh) 23.3.–8.6.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Pentti Piha (sh) 23.3.–29.4.
Drawings by Aino Kallio-Ericsson (a) 23.3.–8.6.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Nurmela–Raimoranta–Tasa
(sh) 6.5.–8.6.
Works by Architects based in Oulu (sh) 16.2.–13.3.
Children's Designs (sh) 26.1.–9.2.
The Gate of the Present. LEGO (sh) 26.1.–13.3.
Salme Setδlδ, Author and Architect, 100 Years (a) 18.1.–9.2.

Steven Holl (Sonck Hall, Helsinki) 26.11.–9.1.
Dimνtris Pikiσnis 1887–1968, Greek Architect (bh) 24.11.–16.1.
Hilding Ekelund 100 Years (a) 18.11.–30.1.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Kimmo Friman, Juha Ilonen
sh) 17.11.–16.1.
Martti Vδlikangas 1893–1973, Architect (bh) 6.10.–7.11.
Erkki Huttunen 1901–1956, Architect (bh) 6.10.–7.11.
Simo Rista: Photographs 1960–1993 (sh) 6.10.–7.11.
The Line. Original Drawings from the Alvar Aalto Archive (bh) 9.6.–26.9.
Conserving Construction Drawings (a) 9.6.–26.9.
Restore the Viipuri Library! (st) 18.5.–26.9.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 21.4.–30.5.
Erik Krεkstrφm's Drawings and Aquarelles (sh) 21.4.–30.5.
Functionalism and Neo-Functionalism in Estonian Architecture
(bh) 25.2.–13.4.
Arkilla Kerka. Textiles from West Africa (bh) 13.1.–14.2.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Jan Sφderlund & Co. (sh) 13.1.–14.2.

Finland Builds 8 (bh) 23.10.–5.12.
Five Masters of the North (bh) 10.6.–11.10.
Juhani Pallasmaa: Architecture in Miniature (bh) 15.4.–31.5.
The Finnish Pavilion, Seville 1992 (sh) 15.4.–31.5.
The Finnish Association of Architects 1882–1992 (bh) 11.3.–5.4.

Jόri Okas: Photographs from Estonia (bh) 13.12.–1.3.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Eero Valjakka (sh) 13.12.–1.3.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 5.11.–1.12.
Landscape Photographs. The Apollo Collection (a) 3.11.–29.1.
Erik Bryggman 1891–1955, Architect (bh) 12.6.–27.10.
Sven Markelius 1889–1972 (bh) 17.4.–2.6.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Ola Laiho, Mikko Pulkkinen,
Ilpo Raunio (sh) 17.4.–2.6.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 20.3.–7.4.
Ilmari Haapakoski (a) 28.2.–7.3.
Santiago Calatrava (bh) 23.1.–10.3.
Contemporary Finnish Architects: Olli Pekka Jokela and Pentti Kareoja
(sh) 23.1.–10.3.

Marius af Schultιn 1890–1978 (a) 21.12.–22.2.
Alessandro Anselmi, Roman Architect (bh) 12.12.–13.1.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 14.11.–2.12.
Plans for the Tφφlφnlahti Area in Helsinki 1915–1990 (a) 9.10.–19.12.
Behind the Mask. The Life of the African Dogon (bh) 19.9.–4.11.
An Architectural Present. 7 Approaches (bh) 20.6.–2.9.
Construction. Eero Paloheimo and Matti Ollila Engineers (sh) 20.6.–9.9.
Otto-I. Meurman 100 Years (a) 1.6.–31.8.
Three Architects from Ticino 1960–1990. Snozzi Vacchini Galfetti
(bh) 25.4.–3.6.
Francesco Venezia, Neapolitan Architect (bh) 23.3.–15.4.
Bertel Strφmmer 1890–1962 (sh) 23.3.–15.4.
Town Planning in Finland (bh) 7.2.–14.3.
The Work of a Regional Architect (a) 7.2.–4.3.

Frank Gehry (bh) 15.12.–28.1.
Competition for the Finnish World Fair Pavilion in Seville 1992
(bh) 29.11.–10.12.
Ville Venete (Sonck Hall, Helsinki) 15.11.–15.12.
Concrete in Finnish Architecture (bh) 20.10.–19.11.
Form and Space in Architecture. The MFA Archives 40 Years (sh) 20.10.–28.1.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 20.9.–8.10.
Finnish Wooden Church (bh) 21.6.–13.9.
The New Public Office Buildings in Espoo and Kankaanpδδ (sh) 21.6.–10.9.
The Turku Fair (a) 15.6.–13.10.
Katalonia 80 (bh) 17.5.–11.6.
Jugend Architecture from the GDR (ph) 11.5.–11.6.
University of Helsinki Department of Chemistry, Kumpula Campus (sh) 12.–28.4.
Ralph Erskine, Swedish Architect (bh) 7.4.–7.5.
J.S. Sirιn 1889–1961 (Jugend Hall, Helsinki) 31.3.–28.4.
Yngve Lagerblad (a) 4.3.–31.5.
Houses of Bahia. Photographs by Anna Mariani (bh) 22.2.–2.4.
The Embodiment of Memory. Heather Cameron (sh) 22.2.–2.4.
Roma. Architectura Nova (bh) 6.1.–12.2.

Kaarlo Leppδnen: Travel Sketches (sh) 9.12.–22.1.
Le Carrι Bleu 30 Years (a) 2.12.–10.1.
Mimar Sinan 400 Years (Sonck Hall, Helsinki) 2.–27.12.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 23.11.–28.12.
Concrete Kite. Work by Architecture Students (bh) 19.10.–13.11.
Greater Tallinn 1907–38 (Sonck Hall, Helsinki) 8.–30.9.
Soviet Architecture (bh) 7.9.–9.10.
Armas Lindgren 1874–1929 (bh) 15.6.–28.8.
Museum of Finnish Architecture Library 30 Years (sh) 24.5.–5.6.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 18.5.–5.6.
Two Architectural Universes. Jorma Mukala, Juhani Risku (sh) 28.4.–15.5.
Zaha Hadid (bh) 27.4.–15.5.
New Housing in Vienna (Jugend Hall, Helsinki) 19.4.–15.5.
Architecture is a Great Game. LEGO (bh) 9.3.–17.4.
Ritual and Space (bh) 12.–28.2.
Work from the Art Camp of the Finnish Association of Architects (sh) 4.–13.2.

Competition for the Centre of Changing Exhibitions (bh) 19.12.–31.1.
Pavel Janak (bh) 28.10.–22.11.
Le Corbusier Secret. Drawings and Collages (bh) 9.9.–18.10.
The Language of Wood (Design Museum, Helsinki) 21.8.–4.10.
New York Architects (Sonck Hall, Helsinki) 14.8.–11.9.
Ars Sacra Fennica (Helsinki Cathedral crypt) 6.8.–13.9.
Theodor Hφijer 1843–1910, Architect (bh) 3.6.–9.8.
North Winds (sh) 3.6.–9.8.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 15.4.–3.5.
Icelandic Architects (sh) 15.4.–3.5.
Forms of Housing (sh) 18.3.–5.4.
New Danish Architecture (bh) 11.3.–5.4.
Stockmann 125 Years (sh) 18.2.–8.3.
Fjodor Šehtel 1859–1926, Russian Architect (bh) 28.1.–1.3.

Architecture Competitions (bh) 28.11.–18.1.
Finland Builds 7 (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 25.11.–21.12.
Henry van de Velde 1863–1957, Belgian Architect (bh) 17.10.–23.11.
National Board of Building 175 Years (bh) 4.9.–12.10.
The Finnish House (bh) 23.6.–31.8.
Sigurd Lewerentz 1885–1975, Swedish Architect (bh) 16.5.–15.6.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 30.4.–11.5.
Gunnar Asplund 1885–1940, Swedish Architect (bh) 21.3.–27.4.
Aldo Rossi. Italian Architect (bh) 21.2.–16.3.
Palladio's Architectural Grammar. International Students' Competition (bh) 17.1.–16.2.
Aviary. Graphics by Janne Kaarlehto (sh) 17.1.–16.2.
Architecture in Stamps. Lasse Ollinkari's Collection (a) 17.1.–16.2.

Architecture Competitions (bh) 29.11.–12.1.
Architecture Biennale in Venice 1985. The Finnish Participants
(bh) 1.–24.11.
Castles in the Air. Homes of the Future (bh) 4.–27.10.
Adolf Loos, Architect 1870–1933 (sh) 4.–27.10.
Revolution in Architecture. Leonid, Victor & Alexander Vesnin (bh) 9.8.–29.9.
Pietilδ. Intermediate Zones in Modern Architecture (bh) 14.6.–4.8.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 24.5.–9.6.
Chamber Works. Graphics by Daniel Libeskind (bh) 4.4.–19.5.
Kisho Kurokawa, Japanese Architect (bh) 21.2.–31.3.

Architecture Competitions (bh) 13.12.–17.2.
Four Northern Communities (bh) 2.11.–9.12.
Eliel Saarinen in Finland 1896–1923 (bh) 15.8.–28.10.
Finnish Railway Stations 1857–1941 (bh) 21.6.–5.8.
The Residence of the President. Architecture Competition (bh) 17.5.–17.6.
The Holiday Home Competition of the Kerimaa Cooperative (sh) 28.4.–13.5.
Nine Architects from Tallinn (bh) 23.3.–13.5.
Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, International Competition (bh) 8.–18.3.
New Wooden Architecture in Norway (sh) 21.2.–18.3.
The Work of a National Romanticist. Architect Yrjφ Blomstedt
1871–1912 (bh) 19.1.–4.3.
25th Anniversary Exhibition of the Oulu School of Architecture (sh) 19.1.–18.2.

Architecture Competitions (bh)b14.12.–15.1.
Can the Villagescape be saved? (bh) 9.11.–11.12.
Renzo Piano, Italian Architect (sh) 9.11.–11.12.
Art and Architecture. Three Spanish Artists: Gabino, Sanchez, Vaquero-Turqios (bh) 6.10.–6.11.
Communal and Cultural Buildings in the Soviet Union (Helsinki City Planning Department) 1.–11.9.
Bauhaus (bh) 25.8.–2.10.
The 1940s, Decade of Dugouts and Reconstruction (bh) 16.6.–14.8.
Architecture Lives! (sh) 16.6.–?.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 1.–12.6.
Martin Price: How Nature Forms (sh) 18.5.–12.6.
Swiss Architecture 70/80 (bh) 20.4.–29.5.
Tadao Ando, Japanese Architect (sh) 9.3.–17.4.
The Brno Functionalists (bh) 14.1.–6.3.

Instrumental Associations. William Taylor (sh) 10.12.–9.1.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 9.12.–2.1.
Exhibition of the Art Camp of the Finnish Association of Architects (bh) 29.10.–28.11.
Chinese Courthouse (sh) 22.9.–24.10.
Nordic Classicism 1910–1930 (bh) 27.8.–24.10.
Wooden Architecture in Russia (bh) 17.6.–15.8.
Ahrends, Burton & Koralek (bh) 11.5.–13.6.
Architecture Competitions (bh) 27.4.–9.5.
Alvaro Siza Vieira, Portuguese Architect (bh) 24.3.–25.4.
How does Finland look like? (bh) 11.2.–21.3.
Explorations (sh) 11.2.–21.3.

Finland Builds 6 (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 23.11.–10.1.
Mannerisms 16.9.–30.10.
Antonio Gaudi (Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki) 21.8.–13.9.
Form and Structure. Constructivism in Finnish Architecture,
Design and Art (Ateneum, Helsinki) 31.7.–13.9.
Lars Sonck 17.6.–13.9.
Tradition and Metaphor. A New Wave in Hungarian Architecture 24.4.–14.6.
Picturing Helsinki. Drawings by Richard Ahlqvist 19.3.–20.4.
Working-Class Housing 14.1.–15.3.

Wiener Studien. Studies of the Viennese townscape (Otaniemi, Espoo) 3.–19.9.
Creation and Recreation. America Draws (Jugend Hall, Helsinki) 22.8.–16.9.
Finnish Architectural Drawings 16.6.–11.1.
The Moomin House 30.4.–8.6.
Built Heritage in Northern Lapland 19.3.–27.4.
Micromegas. Architectural Drawings by Daniel Libeskind (Artek, Helsinki) 7.2.–16.3.
Symboli and Interpretation. Cranbrook Academy of Art, Department of Architecture 7.2.–16.3.
Structure 1.–3.2.

Kamil Roskot 28.11.–21.1.
Early Industrial Milieus 17.10.–25.11.
Funkis. Finland in Search of the Present Day (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 17.8.–9.9.
Le Corbusier's Drawings (Jugend Hall Helsinki) 17.8.–10.9.
Studios in the Wilds 13.6.–14.10.
Mies van der Rohe's early Work 9.5.–10.6.
10 Years of Norwegian Architecture 21.3.–6.5.
Heinrich Tessenow 21.2.–18.3.
Prestressed structures 10.1.–18.2.

Planning and Architecture 1958–1978 22.11.–31.12.
Calendar Buildings 4.10.–19.11.
Aleksei Viktorovits Shchusev, Architect 1873–1949 17.8.–30.9.
Sports and Leisure 16.6.–12.8.
Contemporary Architecture in Argentina 7.–13.6.
The Church Builder Family Rijf 5.5.–3.6.
Izenour's Theatre Designs 13.4.–4.5.
Traditional Building 15.2.–8.4.
Nordic House Competition for the Faroe Islands 24.1.–4.2.
Alvar Aalto, Memorial Exhibition (Finlandia Hall, Helsinki) 18.1.–12.2.
Bologna. Restoring a Historical City Centre 13.1.–11.2.

Alternative Architectures from the USA 12.10.–26.11.
Mesopotamian Architecture 25.8.–8.10.
Frank Lloyd Wright (Jugend Hall, Helsinki) 15.8.–4.9.
Le Corbusier 6.7.–20.8.
Hans Scharoun 2.6.–2.7.
The Forgotten Countryside 3.–31.5.
Louis Kahn 9.3.–16.4.
Competition for the Opera and Exhibition Centre, Helsinki 18.1.–5.3.

Housing Production in London 29.11.–?.
Finland Builds 5 (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 29.10.–21.11.
Fatehpur Sikri. The Capital City of the Great Mogul Akbar 9.–30.10.
Leisure Time 9.8.–25.9.
Thought and Form: Harmonical Studies. Aulis Blomstedt 21.6.–7.8.
Living in Holland 2.–19.6.
Architectural Education in Finland 1.4.–29.5.
Egyptian Temple Architecture 18.2.–?.

Theatre Space ?.11.–?.2.
Model Towns ?.10.–?.11.
Kjell Lund, Nils Slaatto, Oslo. Architecture 1958–75 ?.9.–?.10.
From Picture to Environment ?.6.–?.9.
Low-Rise Milieu ?.4.–?.6.
AA 125, Architectural Association School of Architecture ?.3.–?.4.
Tradition and Future ?.2.–?.3.

Japanese Joints ?.12.–¬?.1.
Wooden Architecture of the Soviet Nations ?.9.–?.11.
25th Anniversary Exhibition of the Museum of Finnish Architecture (Kaivopuisto Park) 20.8.–?.
Our Universities ?.8.–?.9.
Sauna ?.6.–?.8.
Hungarian Architecture ?.5.–?.6.
The Type House 22.2.–?.4.
C. Th. Sφrensen — Garden Artist ?.1.–?.2.

C.L. Engel (City Hall, Helsinki) ?.–?.
Plan–Reality 13.11.–?.
Eliel Saarinen 1873–1959. Work in America 1923–1950 ?.9.–?.11.
Alvar Aalto. Sketches ?.6.–?.8.
The Nordic Wooden Town 16.5.–?.
Contemporary Russian Architecture (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 22.5.–?.
Linear City ?.2.–?.5.

Sinan the Builder ?.–?.12.
Greenery Plan 19.9.–?.
P.E. Blomstedt, Architect 1900–1935 ?.6.–?.8.
Theatres in the Soviet Union 18.4.–?.
Finland at the Turn of the Century (Ateneum, Helsinki) 24.3.–?.
Building Schools 2 (National Board of Education, Helsinki) ?.–?.3.
Travel Account. A Village in Italy ?.2.–?.3.

C. A. Setterberg, the Builder of Vaasa ?.–?.12.
Must Housing Areas Be Grim? 5.10.–?.
Finnish Mediaeval Churches (Helsinki Cathedral crypt) ?.–?.
Vernacular Architecture. The Collection of Architect Yrjφ Laine-Juva ?.–?.
Graphics by Eliel Saarinen (Hvittrδsk, Kirkkonummi) ?.–?.6.
Space Garden 21.4.–12.6.
The Future of the Kδpylδ Area in Helsinki ?.–?.2.
Objective Architecture (Stockmann, Helsinki) 6.–14.2.
Restoration in Poland ?.–?.1.

The Home and the Environment (Oulu) ?.–?.10.
Street Furniture ?.–?.10.
Architecture without Architects 11.8.–?.Garden City ?.–?.5.
Finland Builds 4 (Kunsthalle Helsinki) ?.2.–?.3.
Half a Century of City Centre Planning ?.–?.2.

Filth (Vaasa) ?.–?.
Construction et Humanisme 12.12.–?.
Covered City ?.–?.
Sigurd Lewerentz ?.–?.
The Bridge 30.1.–?.
The National Traffic Analysis and the Plan for Pasila ?.–?.1.

Viljo Revell (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 5.–20.10.
The Car and the City 25.9.–?.
Arne Jacobsen (Wulff, Helsinki) 16.9.–?.
Erik Bryggman, Memorial Exhibition 19.6.–?.
Trees in the City 20.5.–?.
Town Planning in Finland 28.3.–?.

Alvar Aalto (Ateneum, Helsinki) ?.–?.
The Viennese Chair 23.11.–?.
From an Architect's Sketchbook autumn
Selim A. Lindqvist 1867–1939 20.6.–?.
Suomenlinna Fortress spring
10-Year Survey: The Museum of Finnish Architecture 3.2.–?.

Architektur in Wien um 1900 22.11.–?.
Housing Exhibition 66 (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 29.10.—13.11.
Wood in Architecture ?.–?.9.
Restoring Tallinn 22.6.–?.
Hej stad! (Fair Hall, Helsinki) 6.5.–?.
Pre-Fab ?.5.–?.6.
School Architecture in Poland ?.–?.4.
The Road in the Finnish Landscape ?.–?.2.

Architecture of Helsinki late autumn
General Plan (Otaniemi, Espoo) ?.–?.
The Balcony summer
Maritime Helsinki early spring

New Mexican Architecture 24.10.–?.
Build and Preserve (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 9.10.–?.
Old Mexican Architecture autumn
The Market Square 19.5.–?.
The Courtyard 6.2.–?.
Competition for the Kemi Culture Centre early spring

The Future of Helsinki City Centre Blocks ?.–?.11.
Martti Paalanen, Memorial Exhibition early autumn
Housing Today (Oulu) ?.–?.
Architecture Seen by a Photographer and Poet summer
Finland Builds 3 (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 25.3.–15.4.

Neo-Renaissance in Helsinki 21.11.–?.
Aulis Blomstedt 19.6.–?.
Building Schools (National Board of Education, Helsinki) 16.–29.4.

Sigurd Frosterus 10.10.–?.
City Centres in Crisis 29.3.–3.10.

Architecture Exhibition (Orimattila) ?.–?.

The 1930s ?.–?.

Finland Builds 2 (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 11.–30.11
Eero Saarinen (Kunsthalle Helsinki, later MFA) 14.–28.1.

Church Architecture (Tampere) ?.–?.11.
School Exhibition (Nordic School Conference, Helsinki) ?.–?.8.
Drawings by School Pupils ?.–?.

Eliel Saarinen, Memorial Exhibition (Kunsthalle Helsinki) 1.–11.6.
(Exhibition anticipating the establishment of the museum, founded in 1956)