The heirs of Eliel Saarinen (1873-1950) donated his drawings collection including 259 items to the Finnish Association of Architects in 1951. When the Museum of Finnish Architecture was established in 1956, this collection formed part of its founding capital. Even today, donations are the museum's main source of acquisition. In the course of years, innumerable individual drawings, drawings legacies and architects' tools have been received from private persons, firms and associations. Most of the material of the Drawings Collection, including hundreds of thousands of drawings, has been donated by the architects themselves or their heirs.

Besides drawings, models and other architecture materials, the museum annually receives a number of literature donations to its Architecture Library.

Contacts concerning the Drawings Collection:
Antti Aaltonen (out of the office till 5th of January 2015, please contact Petteri Kummala)
tel. +358 45 7731 0480

The Museum does not currently accept large collections.

Library Fund
Based on a remarkable, pioneering private donation a special Library Fund supports the work of the Architecture Library. The Fund is primarily intended to enable new acquisitions in order to keep the library updated and interesting. The Fund can be grown, and further donations are most welcome.

Contacts concerning the Library:
Suvi Juvonen, Head of Library
tel. +358 45 7731 0482