1.9.2013–31.8.2015 / several locations
Four institutions from Helsinki, Barcelona, Ljubljana and London are promoting a joint programme of activities for the qualitative advancement of the European Prize for Urban Public Space.
With funding from the European Unions’s Culture Programme (2007 – 2013), the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Architecture Foundation (London), the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona and the Museum of Architecture and Design (Ljubljana) and will spend two years, until August 2015, engaged in a series of joint activities with the shared aim of updating, promoting and popularising a European concept of the city.
It is probable that one of Europe’s greatest contributions to humanity has been its particular way of conceiving and experiencing the urban fact. In its longevity, density and complexity, and endowed with a human scale, extraordinary cultural diversity and universally representative public spaces, the European city is, without doubt, one of the chief assets of the Old Continent.
However, in a world that is ever more built-up and globalised, and in these times of uncertainty, confusion and inequality, the European model of the city is endangered, even in Europe itself. Yet this selfsame model may also be seen as representing a highly promising tradition when the aim is to ensure that coexistence between strangers in an urban habitat is more reasonable and democratic, more sustainable and fair.

With this conviction as its starting point, the European Prize for Urban Public Space was established in 2000 with a view to becoming a permanent observatory of the democratic quality of our cities. After seven editions, the Prize’s digital archive has now reaped an abundant harvest of examples of good practice in the creation, recovery and improvement of the urban spaces we share.
Among other initiatives, the four institutions will co-produce and offer an itinerant exhibition showing the lessons that can be drawn from the Prize. They will also organise several series of debates and lectures about public space and offer consciousness-raising workshops so that people will become actively involved in the shared task of city-making.
Some of these workshops will be designed for children and adolescents as incipient citizens, while others will link up with theatre in order to learn from its capacities of interacting with the public.

Shared Cities – Northern Perspectives 
Exhibition at the large Exhibition hall 2nd February – 15th March, 2015
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4 March  6pm–8pm, MFA

Roundtable Discussions on Urban Public Space vol 3 / Held in Finnish
11 March  6pm–8pm, MFA
Roundtable Discussions on Urban Public Space vol 2 / Held in Finnish
Keskustelutilaisuus – Muotoilun ja arkkitehtuurin vaikutus kaupunkikuvaan
25 February 6pm–8pm, MFA
Roundtable Discussions on Urban Public Space vol 1 / Held in Finnish
6 November, 1 pm–5.30 pm, MFA: Shared Cities – Northern Perspectives. Seminar on Urban Public Space
25 March, 8pm, CCCB: European Prize for Urban Public Space: Awards Ceremony of the 2014 Prize.
25 March – 4 June CCCB: Barcelona hosts the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014 Exhibition
25 March CCCB: European Prize for Urban Public Space: Prize Giving Ceremony
20 January –17 April CCCB Barcelona: Open City lecture series
1 December 2013 – 30 April 2014 AF London: Mapping the elephant – Teenagers workshops. As part of the Architecture Foundation's Elephant & Castle education programme, ten 16-19 year olds from the Southwark area in London will take part in a fieldtrip to Barcelona.

27.9.–24.10. MAO Ljubljana: Ljubljana hosts the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2012 Exhibition 
28.9. MAO Ljubljana: Children's workshop in Ljubljana