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On this website you can see all the events organized by the Museum of Finnish Architecture. During the spring 2017, the events are related to the exhibitions How Finland Was Modernized (in the large exhibition hall); Line, Space and Color (in the small exhibition hall) and Modern Life! (collaboration with HAM).
In addition, the museum organizes also other events, such as discussions and lectures.


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Architecture for kids workshops
Part of: A&O - Kids
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
The workshops provide sensory experiences for both under 1-year old children and 1–2-year old kids. Registration starts at the end of March.
Price: 16€ for one adult and a child
Saturday 29.4.2017 at 1 pm
April workshop
Part of: A&O - Kids
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
The last Saturday of every month, you get the chance to come and do crafts in relation to our current exhibitions.

The April workshop takes place on Saturday 29.4.2017 at 1 pm, when we will have fun with colours, related to the colorful exhibition "Line, Space and Color. Constructions by Sakari Laitinen".

Note! The first 20 children and their parents get a place in the workshop. The presence of the adult is required.
Price: adults 10€, children 5€
Wednesday 3.5.2017 at 6 pm
From the Archives: The beginning and the end of architecture – competition proposals vs. photograpy
Part of: How Finland Was Modernized
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
Creating architecture is a long process. The Image Assistant of MFA, Anna Autio, presents how competition proposals mark the beginning of the process and how these plans are present in the photographs of the completed buildings.
Price: 10/5/0€
Check out the Facebook event! (in Finnish)
Thursday 4.5.2017 at 5:30pm
HAM  TALK: Standardization and construction of well-being. The Finnish row house – From the worker apartment to the middle-class dream
Part of: Modern Life!
Professor emerita in art history, Riitta Nikula, lectures about how the row house took over Finland.
Price: HAM entrance fee 10/8/0€
Saturday 6.5.2017 at 2 pm–4 pm
WORKSHOP: Building a common city utopia! / HELD IN FINNISH
Part of:Modern Life!
@ Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8
In the workshop, phenomena related to modernism, such as city utopia, are explored through building.
Price: HAM entrance fee 10/8/0€

Wednesday 10.5.2017 at 5:30 pm
Thematic guided tour: Commerce
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
In this guided tour, the museum's Head of Research Juhana Lahti focuses on the theme of commerce in the exhibition How Finland Was Modernized.
Price: 10/5/0€

Wednesday 10.5.2017 at 6 pm
BEHIND THE SCENES: Conservator at her work II
Part of: How Finland Was Modernized
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
In this unique show, the public gets a glance behind the scenes of the archives! By working, the museum’s conservator Paula Alavuo illustrates how architectural drawings are preserved.
Price: 10/5/0€
Thursday 11.5.2017 at 5:30pm
HAM TALK: The world of Futuro
Part of: Modern Life!
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
Art Historian Marko Home tells about the worldwide adventures of Futuro, the futuristic plastic house from 1968.
Price: HAM entrance fee 10/8/0€
Saturday 20.5.2017 at 2pm
CITY TOUR: Helsinki Center
Departure: HAM Lobby
Director of the Museum of Finnish Architecture, Juulia Kauste, presents the history of Helsinki center through its architectonic layers.
Duration: About 1,5 hours
Saturday 20.5.2017 at 2pm
Hotel Torni and the Dream of a Metropol
Departure: Hotel Torni, Yrjönkatu 26, Helsinki
In the architecture tour, Joona Rantasalo from the Museum of Finnish Architecture tells about one of the landmarks in Helsinki: Hotel Torni and its colorful history. Torni is the first and last of the skyscrapers built in Finland in the 1930's before the World War II, symbolizing the admiration of the American culture and the dream of transforming Helsinki into an international metropol.
The tour fits first 20 visitors!
Duration: About 1 hour
Changes possible
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