(1.3.2017 - 28.5.2017)

Sakari Laitinen (1937-2015) ranks among the generation of Finnish architects who began their studies in the late 1950s and who had a major impact on the evolution of Finnish architecture. Already as a student, he proved himself highly gifted at drawing, illustrating and graphic design. In parallel to his studies and architectural work, he was a prolific creator of sketches and graphics, and after closing his practice he devoted himself wholly to art.
The exhibition Line, Space and Colour: Constructions by Sakari Laitinen, in the small exhibition hall of the Museum of Finnish Architecture, presents a cavalcade of inventive creations by this multitalented architect and artist. His career and training as an architect left an indelible mark on his style of expression. Laitinen’s art has a distinctly architectural feel to it: many of his constructions resemble miniature edifices or facades – indeed they are easy to imagine blown up to the scale of real buildings.
However, while architectural plans are usually black and white, Laitinen’s constructions are a riot of colour with a wonderfully refined sensibility. His eye-popping, spatially stylized constructions mirror his architectural background, yet they also lead our thoughts in quite the opposite direction of architecture.


The Museum of Finnish Architecture and Rakennustieto publish an art book regarding the exhibition and presenting Laitinen’s artwork. The book Line, Space and Colour. Sakari Laitinen: Constructions includes an article by Juhani Pallasmaa.
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Line, Space and Colour. Constructions by Sakari Laitinen will be accompanied by a series of workshops in which participants are invited to play with colours and materials in the spirit of Laitinen’s constructions. These family workshops will be held on the last Saturday of every month. The programme will also include discussion panels reflecting on the fundamental nature of Laitinen’s art.
Most of the events are in Finnish.
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Tuesday 7.3.2017 at 6 pm
CONSTRUCTOR AND ARTIST: How architecture and art interact? / HELD IN FINNISH
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
Architect and professor emeritus Juhani Pallasmaa, artist Jorma Hautala and architect/professor Jenny Reuter discuss how architecture and art interact.
Price 10/5/0€
Wednesday 22.3.2017 at 6 pm
Lecture: Color in Alvar Aalto's architecture / HELD IN FINNISH
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
Harald Arnkil – artist, color researcher and teacher of colour science at Aalto ARTS – discusses colour in the architecture of Alvar Aalto. Color is an impactful element combining architecture, science and art together.
Coming up in spring 2017
Lecture: Architecture and art in Finnish modernism
@ Museum of Finnish Architecture
More info to come.
The lecture is given by art historian and author Tuula Karjalainen.

Sculpture. Carton and acrylic. / Sakari Laitinen
Schwarzes Loch. Carton and acrylic. / Sakari Laitinen
Punainen kaveri (2015). Sculpture. Carton and acrylic. / Sakari Laitinen
Squared Blue. Carton and gouache. / Sakari Laitinen