(2.10.2013 - 2.2.2014)

The MFA's autumn exhibition Transformation - Towards a Sustainable Future marks the culmination of the MFA’s theme year dedicated to sustainable architecture.

Sustainability is much more than just green building solutions and energy efficiency. Sustainability is also about social and cultural sustainability. It is about the continuum between traditions and local cultural strengths and the possibilities opened up by contemporary technologies and design solutions.

Sustainability is at once a global, cultural and local issue. It concerns both our relationship to the environment as well as our relationship to each other. We belong to various communities as neighbors, citizens and nationals, even as members of the international community. We are always also members of some specific culture with shared habits and traditions. Architecture and the built environment create the basic framework that defines the way we live.

The exhibition takes a look at the many aspects of sustainability from the point of view of architecture and urban planning by presenting a selection of 52 projects from around the world.

The aim is to focus on the challenging and multifaceted nature of the issue. The projects have been divided into five categories: global, cultural, urban, community or neighborhood related, and that of individual buildings.

The examples help in showcasinge different solutions, existing ones as well as those still under development, that may be applied in the daily life, in preparing for the future, or in the wake of natural disasters.

As the wide array of different solutions proposed by the architects behind the presented projects demonstrate, the ways leading to sustainability are numerous.

Aalto University: Five Three House
Competition 2012
Image: Aalto University and Five Three House Team
Hollmén Reuter Sandmann: APE Learning Centre Construction was started 2010
Image: Hollmen Reuter Sandman Architects