Changing exhibitions
The museum produces exhibitions independently and in collaboration with partners, presents other Finnish exhibitions and imports international exhibitions of architecture. The exhibition halls on the first floor have a total floor area of about 260 sq. meters. The exhibitions change four times a year according to the seasons.
Now at the museum
Changing exhibitions since 1955

Permanent exhibition
The trends and developments of Finnish architecture from the turn of the 20th century to the 1970s are available to be observed on the second floor of the museum.
Decades of Finnish Architecture

Touring exhibitions
One of the key tasks of the museum is to introduce Finnish architecture to international audiences, and a number of exhibitions are toured annually. Exhibitions are also toured in Finland.
Touring exhibitions
Tours in Finland since 1961
Exhibitions abroad since 1957

By the end of October 2012 the museum has organised 1,467 exhibitions, 957 in Finland (528 changing and 429 touring exhibitions) and 510 abroad.