Architectural Works Databank

The Architectural Works data bank of Finnish architecture includes works of Finnish architects designed for Finland and abroad and works by foreign architects designed for Finland. It is not limited to material held in the museum collections. At present it contains over 5 500 records and is continuously updated. Many kinds of searches are possible, for there are over 60 fields in a record.

The databank is available to visitors in the Museum Library. Inquiries can be made in the Library and in the Archive.

Competitions Databank
The Competitions Databank records information on competitions organised in Finland and on those international competitions in which Finnish architects have won prizes. The earliest are from the 1870s, the most recent from 2003. Information on this databank, including nearly 2 000 records, can be searched by name of competition, dating, building type, architect or pseudonym.

For the time being, the Competitions Databank is available to museum personnel only. Copies of records are delivered at request.

Architects Databank
Information included in the Architects Databank concerns Finnish architects, mainly those who are no longer alive, and their work. Information on living architects is available in the annual register of members of the Finnish Association of Architects ( At present the databank is available to museum personnel only. Prints of records are delivered at request.