The Library offers help in information search problems related to architecture. Brief searches are free, although eventual copies are charged. Extensive searches (over half an hour) are charged.

The most notable international database is RIBA library's online catalogue. For domestic searches there are the Museum's own databases. There are computers available for client use.

Minimum charge EUR 25 + printing and mailing costs

Books from the General Collection can be loaned within Finland via local libraries.

2 kg / EUR 10,00
25 kg / EUR 12,00
510 kg / EUR 14,00
Photocopies: First 10 copies = EUR 10,00, following sets of ten = EUR 10,00 each

Copies are available within the limits of copyright rules.
Self-service / copy cards
5 copies EUR 2,00
50 copies EUR 15,00

Ordered copies
First 10 pages EUR 11,00
Next 10 pages EUR 10,00

Deliveries abroad by request.