Incl. vat 24%

Publication charges

Advertising 450 €
Publication cover page 250 €
Press, TV, book publishers, professional journals, internet, exhibitions
80 €
Scientific uses
Academic works, non-commercial exhibitions, research publications, SAFA, museums
20 €
Further editions 50%
Discount 20 % for orders of over 30 images.

The user will hand over to the Museum of Finnish Architecture two examples of the product in or on which the material is used.


Supply charges

High resolution digital image file 20 €/image
High resolution digital image file (students, museums) 10 €/image
CD / DVD 4 €
Screen images, not suitable for printing, e.g. for student use, lectures  
1-15 30 €
16-35 50 €
More than 35 images by agreement  

Drawings Collections
Copies of the original drawings can be ordered in paper and digital format. Price per order is dependent on supply charges (such as external supplier’s delivery and administration charges). In addition an administration fee 50 € will be added to each order.

Copycard 5 copies 2,00€
Copycard 10 copies 3,50€
Borrowing of Museum Collection Materials for Exhibition
Please contact Elina Standertskjöld, Head of Archives
tel. +358 45 7731 0477