REVIEW OF FINNISH ARCHITECTURE 2018                                                                          
Nominate your favourite project!
Summer 2018 will mark the eighth biennial review of Finnish architecture showcasing a jury-selected line-up of top recent achievement in Finnish architecture. This international showcase will include an exhibition, book, frame programme, and web coverage. The exhibition will debut at Helsinki's Museum of Finnish Architecture in June 2018.
Whether you are an architect or simply interested in architecture, we invite your nominations. To qualify, the project must be a building, landscaping project or urban plan created over the past two years by a Finnish architect either in Finland or abroad. Projects undertaken in Finland by non-Finnish architects also qualify.
Qualifying projects must date from July 1, 2015-June 30, 2017 (this means the completion date for buildings and landscaping projects, the approval date for urban plans).
Kindly send in your nominations by May 31, 2017.

Instructions for architects submitting material

Please send in your proposal
            - via web transfer (e.g. WeTransfer)
            - on a memory stick or DVD to:
                        Lena Kingelin    
                        Museum of Finnish Architecture
                        Kasarmikatu 24       
                        00130 Helsinki
             - by email as a compressed Zip file to katsaus(at) 
All images must be jpg files (max fiel size 1 mb).

Texts should be doc or rtf files.
The material must include the following:
            - basic facts: name of the project, address, year of completion,
              area and dimensions, name of architect and contact details,
              key partners (client, developer, main contractor, technical design team, etc.)
            - key architectural drawings: site plan, floor plans, sections
            - a brief verbal description
            - at least 5 photographs 
Instructions for members of the public nominating a project:
Send your nomination by email katsaus(at) Please include the name of the project, the address (at least the locality), the name of the architect (if known) and a photograph (max 1 mb).
Architects presenting their work in the biennial review will be required to pay a fee.

For further inquiries
Lena Kingelin
040 5890 424

Museum of Finnish Architecture

Alvar Aalto Foundation/ Academy

Finnish Association of Architects SAFA
In collaboration with Architecture Information Centre Finland