Architecture Speaks! Shunri Nishizawa
Wenesday 14.11.2018
1:15 pm Otakaari 1x Espoo (lecture hall A1)
6.00 pm, Museum oF Finnish Architecture
Shunri Nishizawa (b.1980) is a Japanese-born architect who graduated in Tokyo. After working with prominent architects such as Tadao Ando and Vo Trong Nghia, he founded his own practice, NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS in Ho Chi Minh City in 2015.
“Shunri Nishizawa’s architecture is an intriguing fusion of his professional history,” states the curator of the lecture series, Professor Jenni Reuter.
“He has worked with acclaimed names such as Tadao Ando and Vo Trong Nghia, who have very different styles, yet Nishizawa has combined their influences in an intriguing fashion, creating a new signature style of his very own.”
Nishizawa’s best-known works include Binh Thanh House, Thong House, House in Chau Doc, Ben Thanh Restaurant and Restaurant of Shade. In 2018 Nishizawa entered into collaboration with the Shiva Prefecture University Ashizawa-Kawai Lab [SK1] in a research project examining settlement in the Mekong Delta.