Architecture Speaks! Skälsö arkitekter
Visby / Stockholm, Sweden

Wednesday 12.12.2018
1:15 pm Otakaari 1x Espoo (lecture hall A1)
6.00 pm Museum of Finnish Architecture
Recently lauded at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, Skälsö Arkitekter is a practice founded in Visby in 2010 known especially for its work in Bungenäs, the north-east tip of Gotland, which was a closed military zone for nearly 50 years. In 2010, Skälsö Arkitekter accepted a commission to develop a master plan refurbishing the buildings and conserving the unique character of the site. The former military bunkers were converted into holiday villas, and new buildings were added, 30 of which have been completed in the past eight years. This was Skälsö Arkitekter’s first large commission, and it remains their major ongoing project to this day. The practice has newly opened a second office in Stockholm.
“Skälsö Arkitekter vividly evoked the mood of Bungenäs project in a highly engaging way at the Venice Biennale. Their work represents a fresh new direction in Swedish architecture,” says the curator of the discussion series, Professor Jenni Reuter.