Terms of Delivery

These terms concern international deliveries to institutional buyers. Private persons are advised to contact Museum Bookshop, mfa@mfa.fi, tel. +358 9 8567 5100.

Ordered products are delivered by economy parcel post (cash on delivery) in 2-4 weeks; the time depends on postal services. Air mail deliveries are made by request only; please contact Museum Bookshop.

Each delivery includes an invoice. Terms of payment: 30 days net, directly into our bank account. Cheques or credit cards are not accepted.

Orders placed by people under 18 are not delivered.

Client Information

In order to deliver products, we need your name, address, postal code, telephone number and e-mail address. This information is not forwarded to other parties.

Delivery Costs

Tariff zone

1) Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Benelux Countries
2) Other EU countries
3) The Baltic Countries, Poland, Russia, Norway
4) Other European countries, Northern Africa, the Middle East
5) North America
6) Other countries

Economy parcel

1) Basic rate: EUR 19.00 + per each kilo: EUR 1.00
2) Basic rate: EUR 19.00 + per each kilo: EUR 1.50
3) Basic rate: EUR 16.00 + per each kilo: EUR 1.40
4) Basic rate: EUR 16.00 + per each kilo: EUR 1.80
5) Basic rate: EUR 16.00 + per each kilo: EUR 2.70
6) Basic rate: EUR 16.00 + per each kilo: EUR 5.50

Maximum weight 30 kg


Ordered products can be returned or exchanged within 14 days. Returned products must be unused.

Return by mail:
If you return our products by mail, please attach a copy of the invoice you received together with the products.

Return address :

Museum of Finnish Architecture
Kasarmikatu 24
00130 Helsinki

Exchange by mail:
In case the product we delivered is damaged or wrong, please return it for exchange as instructed above.
If you wish for some other reason to exchange the product you ordered for another, please return it as instructed above and make a new order via our Internet service (normal delivery costs are charged).

Refund for returns:
If you return a product by mail, the sum you have paid for it will be refunded. Please attach your bank account number to the copy of invoice.