Landscapes, architecture and tourism in Lapland

Small exhibition hall 29.11.–c. 25.2.2018

This exhibition in the small exhibition hall offers eye-opening perspectives on Lapland and the superb architecture created to serve the local tourist industry.
Promoting tourism in Lapland was part of a great patriotic mission in Finland in the early 20th century. Immaculate architecture, interior design and landscaping were harnessed to serve the tourist industry until the 1960s. The Finnish Tourist Association, the government and the government-owned alcohol monopoly hired talented architects, interior architects and designers to create inspiring new tourism hubs and high-end interiors. Some of these buildings attracted international attention and became sightseeing attractions in themselves. With the advent of mass tourism and downhill skiing, National Romanticism and its subtle dialogue with the landscape were usurped by a more functional style of architecture serving the practical needs of tourism.
The exhibition is based a doctoral thesis by Harri Hautajärvi, PhD: Autiotuvista lomakaupunkeihin. Lapin matkailun arkkitehtuurihistoria (From wilderness huts to holiday resorts: the architectural history of tourism in Lapland) Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Department of Architecture; Aalto ARTS Books 2014, 433 pages.

Interplay of Cultures

25 Years of Education in Global Sustainability and Humanitarian Development at Aalto University Department of Architecture
Autumn 2018
Co-produced by Aalto University Department of Architecture and Museum of Finnish Architecture, the  exhibition showcases the education of global sustainability and humanitarian development at the Department of Architecture during the last 25 years. The exhibition presents the multidiscipline education structures and their pedagogical dimensions that have arisen from the program.