We are in charge of the work related to the audiences of the Museum of Finnish Architecture and produce the programme content for the exhibitions. Our goal is to bring architecture within the grasp of everyone interested in the field through events, walking tours of the city and expert lectures. In 2020, we will focus on the visitor experience in the Museum of Finnish Architecture and on developing our communications. Architecture resides in the environment we live in, which is why we are also taking the events outside the museum building.

Arja-Liisa Kaasinen Yhteistyöpäällikkö +358 50 394 8618
Jemina Vainikka Lindholm Yleisötyövastaava (ma–to) +358 45 7731 0476
Ilona Hildén Viestinnän suunnittelija +358 45 7731 0468
Salla Bedard Viestinnän suunnittelija / AD +358 45 7731 0492
Anni Koponen Visuaalinen viestintä: valokuvaus ja videokuvaus +358 50 377 1004
Leena Pallasoja Palveluvastaava +358 45 7731 0469