Alusta Pavilion: Care, Architecture & Materiality

Location: Muualla

in English / free entry

What would happen if we were to cease treating construction materials as something separate from us that is there for us to utilize and discard as we wish? How could we care more for our buildings and materials in them and how could they care for us in exchange? What kind of architecture binds us to our material world? Discussion on the role of materials in architecture & introduction to pavilion materials, clay and biochar.

Speakers are Matti Kuittinen, Architect, Adjunct Professor, Resource-efficient construction and environmental impacts, Aalto University and Elina Koivisto, Architect, University Teacher in Building Technology, Aalto University.

The event is in English and situated in Alusta Pavilion, located between the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum. The location is outdoors. The event is free and there is no pre-registration.