Long Live Wivi Lönn!

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Kuva Wivi Lönnin 70-vuotisjuhlasta

Wivi Lönn celebrated her 70th birthday on May 20th 1942 at the Lallukka Artists’ Home in Helsinki. The celebration was attended by 46 female architects from all over Finland, and the event was the starting point for the activities of Architecta, the Finnish Association of Women Architects. Eighty years have passed since that celebration, which in itself is worth celebrating! In 2022 the Museum of Finnish Architecture in turn will celebrate both the 150th anniversary of the birth of Wivi Lönn, Finland’s most important female architect, and the 80th anniversary of Architecta, with an extensive programme that will examine the work of women architects in Finland and equality issues related to their work.

In honour of Wivi Lönn’s birthday, the Museum of Finnish Architecture is also organizing a weekend-long festival on 20.–22.5.2022, where participants, gathering together around the work of Wivi Lönn and her followers, will reflect in a multidisciplinary way on the relationship between architecture and gender.

Please note that this photo has been colourised by DeOldify. Original black and white image: Architecta