Summer School

Fill This Space – Summer schools of architecture for 16–20 year olds
We are looking for curious minds, open hearts and brave 16–20 year olds who are interested in reflecting and exploring architecture and the built environment collectively.
Fill This Space is a week-long summer school for 16–20 year olds. During the week, you will have the opportunity to discuss issues related to architecture and the built environment together with museum / architecture professionals and architecture students. The summer school program is planned together according to the wishes and interests of the participants.
Participants also have access to a studio space on the first floor of the Museum of Finnish Architecture, which is open to the public. We hope you will fill this space with us!
The Museum of Finnish Architecture implements the summer school programme in cooperation with You Tell Me Collective. The aim of the collective formed by architecture students is to promote a change in the way of thinking in the field of construction by utilizing peer learning.
The Museum of Finnish Architecture will host three week-long summer schools during the summer of 2021. One of the summer schools is held in English.

Preliminary schedule for Fill This Space summer schools

Summer School 1: June 7–11, 2021 (in Finnish)
Summer School 2: June 14-18, 2021 (in English)
Summer school 3: August 2–6, 2021 (in Finnish)


Apply with this form at the latest on Friday 30th of April 2021:

Participation is free. Applicants will receive the confirmation of participation in early May.
On the application form we ask you to tell us briefly what you think is most interesting in architecture and the built environment at the moment. You can also attach image, video or audio files to the form.

The Museum of Finnish Architecture follows the general recommendations for meetings. If the situation allows, the summer school will be held at the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Alternatively, we meet virtually. During the school, we also make excursions to other destinations in Helsinki.

Please note that summer school activities are local day-time activities. The Museum of Finnish Architecture does not offer accommodation or travel expenses. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foreign Ministry’s general travel advice is to avoid all but essential travel.

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