The exhibition explores the history of building in the 20th century against a background of Finnish society, taking into account economic, political and technological developments. These factors have always influenced not only the volume of building but also the architectural shapes. Phenomena connected with construction are viewed from a broad perspective, and from larger to smaller; from urban planning to façade materials and interior decoration.

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Eija Rauske, Finnish Architecture 1900–2000 at the museum bookshop

Aarno Ruusuvuori: Hyvinkää Church, 196. Kuva: Rauno Träskelin/MFA
J.S. Sirén: The Parliament House, Helsinki, 1924–1931.
Photo: Simo Rista/MFA
Lars Sonck and Onni Tarjanne: Apartment house, Fredrikinkatu 35, Helsinki, 1900.
Photo: Karina Kurz/MFA
Pekka Pitkänen: Chapel of the Holy Cross, Turku, 1967.
Photo: Pekka Pitkänen/MFA