Mustat autot pysäköitynä aution senaatintorin reunalla. Taustalla näkyy vanha Helsingin yliopistorakennus.

Architecture Walking Tours: Historical Helsinki

Helsinki is defined by remarkable buildings that reflect its rich history. Learn about Finnish history, people, building materials and techniques that make Helsinki the attractive city it is today.


Free Tuesdays

Experience design and architecture at Free Tuesdays when we have free entry to all our exhibitions and events in the Design Museum & The Museum of Finnish Architecture! The entry is free of charge during the opening hours of the museum

Matalan rakennuksen ikkunoista loistaa valoa pimeään ja sateiseen katukuvaan. Rakennuksen katolla on valomainos, jossa lukee

Architecture Walking Tour: Modern Helsinki

A new architecture for a new world. This tour considers the aesthetics, materials, and social conditions that shaped the development of modern architecture in Helsinki, from the 1930s to 2018.


Architecture Walk Series: Polished Pearls and Oiled Mechanisms – Care and Repair in Urban Spaces

What layers are hidden in the evolving urban space? On this architecture walk, we will explore Helsinki city centre from the perspectives of care and repair. The tour will cover current infrastructure projects in the city centre as well as landmark sites that have undergone extensive renovation or changes in use.


FIX workshops for children and their adults

Come and build compositions from various cleaning tools with the assistance of instruction cards and a workshop facilitator! You can photograph the compositions in the Functional Utility Closet space. Feel free to bring a camera, if you wish. 


Architecture Walking Tour: Museum Buildings in Helsinki

What is unique about a museum compared with other institutions? How is the idea of the museum embodied in the museum building itself? This tour includes four museum buildings in Helsinki and considers the ways in which the spatial framework of the building and its ornamental program reflect the museum’s mission and affects the visitor’s experience.


Repair Demonstrations at the FIX Arena 

The programme arranged at the FIX Arena of the FIX: Care and Repair exhibition invites us to collectively care for our shared environment and to engage in fixing. The versatile and open programme includes repair demonstrations, discussions, workshops, and events. Repair demonstrations can also be followed online.


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