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The Museum of Finnish Architecture is a national special museum. The museum maintains a collection of Finnish architecture and serves as a source of expert knowledge for everyone interested in architecture and the built environment.

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Arkkitehtuurimuseo Kasarmikadun puolelta.

Museum building

Designed by architect Magnus Schjerfbeck, the Museum of Finnish Architecture is an excellent example of the repurposing of a historically valuable building. The building was built in 1899 for the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, and it is located in the centre of Helsinki. The building is a significant representative of the Neo-Renaissance style in Finland, owing particularly to its elegant interior.

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Three service areas operate within the Museum of Finnish Architecture: Cultural Heritage and Information Services, Exhibition Services, as well as Visitor and Stakeholder Services. The museum’s executive team comprises the museum director and the heads of the service areas.

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Please contact the Museum of Finnish Architecture Communications in all media matters concerning the museum. Press releases and press images are available in the media bank. Material for other publishing activities is delivered by the museum’s Image Services. A press card will give you free admission to the Museum of Finnish Architecture.

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