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07-1029 d, Uno Ullberg, Uno Ullberg

Uno Ullberg – An Architect from Finnish Vyborg

Uno Ullberg (1879–1944) was among the most distinguished figures in Finnish 20th-century architecture. The exhibition illuminates the persona of Uno Ullberg, casting a view over his seminal works. The attention is focused on the architect’s exceptionally influential work in Vyborg.

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Are we all ancient Greeks? Finnish architects at the roots of culture

For centuries, the homeland of democracy, Homer and the Parthenon has been considered the foundation of Western culture. Architects, too, have been inspired by antiquity in countless ways.

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Decades of Finnish Architecture 1900–1970

The exhibition takes its visitors on a journey into the Finnish architecture of the 20th century. Different features, technical solutions, materials and interior design are followed from decade to decade; from National Romanticism to Classicism and Functionalism, through the Modernism that created the country’s international reputation to the architecture of the 1970’s.

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Makers of Landscapes

What do landscape architects do? How are changes in the environment reflected in the work of landscape architects? How is the future constructed by means of landscape architecture? The exhibition presents the multidimensional and forward-looking professionalism of landscape architecture through twelve of its practitioners.

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