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Skaalassa -näyttelyn tunnuskuva

In Scale – The World of Architectural Models

The main exhibition at the Museum of Finnish Architecture invites people of all ages interested in miniature worlds and architecture to project themselves into a world in miniature.

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Bijoy Jain. Studio Mumbai – Alvar Aalto Medal 2020

Alvar Aalto Medal, carrying the name of the beloved architect and designed by Aalto himself, was founded in 1967 in order to honor creative architectural work. The medal can be given to live persons who have gained merit in the field of creative architecture in a very significant way.

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pyöreä ikkuna Yhtyneet kuvalehdet -toimitalossa

The Eye & the Icon

What do we really see when we look at buildings familiar to us from the media? Students from the studio course at Aalto University’s Department of Architecture analyzed the relationship between architectural photography and the material, spatial and experiential reality of architecture. The exhibition presents the students’ reinterpretations of 15 well-known architectural sites in the Helsinki metropolitan area

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Decades of Finnish Architecture 1900–1970

The exhibition takes its visitors on a journey into the Finnish architecture of the 20th century. Different features, technical solutions, materials and interior design are followed from decade to decade; from National Romanticism to Classicism and Functionalism, through the Modernism that created the country’s international reputation to the architecture of the 1970’s.

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