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Toivoa puusta -näyttelyn tunnuskuva

Hope from Wood

The Museum of Finnish Architecture’s main exhibition this autumn and winter, Hope from Wood, looks at wooden architecture from the perspective of the hope it inspires. The multi-voiced and multi-faceted exhibition covers a time span extending from the early achievements of wood construction to the architecture of the future produced by artificial intelligence. It brings together an interesting group of contributors addressing the exhibition theme in the form of, for instance, love letters, videos and music.

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Deciphering Roof Trusses – Exploring Medieval Wooden Structures

The wooden building heritage preserved from the Middle Ages in Finland is hidden within the roof structures of less than twenty stone churches. The roof trusses are a unique source material, telling about medieval wooden construction, and a part of our country’s medieval built cultural heritage. The exhibition Deciphering Roof-trusses presents the world of roof trusses hidden beneath medieval shingle roofs and the work of the research team exploring them.

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Forensic Architecture: Outsourcing risk

The Museum of Finnish Architecture’s Studio presents Forensic Architecture’s video documentary Outsourcing risk: Ali Enterprises Factory Fire (2017). The exhibition is part of Frame Contemporary Art Finland’s Gathering for Rehearsing Hospitalities programme in September in Helsinki, Finland.

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Decades of Finnish Architecture 1900–1970

The exhibition takes its visitors on a journey into the Finnish architecture of the 20th century. Different features, technical solutions, materials and interior design are followed from decade to decade; from National Romanticism to Classicism and Functionalism, through the Modernism that created the country’s international reputation to the architecture of the 1970’s.

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