Makers of Landscapes


What do landscape architects do? How are changes in the environment reflected in the work of landscape architects? How is the future constructed by means of landscape architecture?

The training of landscape architects began in Finland in 1989. Up until the spring of 2020, a total of 255 landscape architects have graduated from Aalto University and its predecessor, Helsinki University of Technology. The exhibition presents the multidimensional and forward-looking professionalism of landscape architecture through twelve of its practitioners. The exhibition presents landscape architecture from the perspective of cultural landscape, biodiversity and temporary urban space.

The exhibition, based on the book Maiseman tekijät (Makers of Landscapes) published by Aalto ARTS books, is being curated as a joint project between the Museum of Finnish Architecture, Aalto University’s landscape architecture programme, and the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects MARK. Supporting the realization of the exhibition: Viherympäristöliitto ja Lappset Group Oy