Deciphering Roof-trusses – Exploring Medieval Wooden Structures

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The wooden building heritage preserved from the Middle Ages in Finland is hidden within the roof structures of less than twenty stone churches. They are a unique source material, telling about the medieval wood constructions and a part of our country’s medieval built cultural heritage. The roof structures of churches are masterly displays of construction skills, but they also tell us so much more. From the structures one can get an understanding of how they were built, how the church building sites operated, and how the local community was involved in the construction process. They also tell about the worldviews and beliefs of the medieval person and how structural innovations that developed in Central Europe travelled to the northern periphery of Europe.

The exhibition Deciphering Roof-trusses presents the world of roof trusses hidden beneath medieval shingle roofs and the work of the research team exploring them. In addition to texts and illustrations, the exhibition also includes scale models as well as a film and other material illustrating the everyday life of field work.