Fill This Space – Summer Schools of Architecture and the Built Environment  


In the summer 2022, the Museum of Finnish Architecture hosts three Summer Schools of Architecture and the Built Environment for 16–20 year-olds. Participants of the summer school programme take over the Museum of Finnish Architecture’s studio space.  

The participants in the summer schools have the opportunity to reflect on issues related to architecture and the built environment together with professionals from the fields of museology and architecture, as well as with current architecture students. The summer school activities are based on co-design and intergenerational learning. Architecture and the built environment are approached critically, through phenomenon-based and experience-based learning. These topics are discussed collectively, using artistic methods.  

The processes of the summer school activities are open to the public in the Museum of Finnish Architecture’s studio space. The studio will transform and be supplemented during the summer.  

The summer schools are being organised in cooperation with the You Tell Me collective. The aim of the collective, formed by architecture students, is to promote a change in the way of thinking in the field of construction by utilizing peer learning.  In 2022 the first school days will be held in Vuotalo cultural centre in Vuosaari, Helsinki.  

Through its summer school activities, the Museum of Finnish Architecture provides resources, space and support for the study of architecture and the built environment. Participation in the summer school is free of charge. Applications for next year’s summer schools will be processed in the spring of 2023.  


Educational partners  

Anttinen Oiva Architects 
Archinfo Finland 
ATL The Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices 
Pekka Hornamo Architects 
Avarrus Architects 

Image: Ida Uotila, Fill This Space Summer School 2021