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The Museum of Finnish Architecture’s Studio is being taken over by summer school students! 

You can witness the transformation at the Studio as 16–20-year-old summer school students delve into the world of architecture and the built environment alongside museum and architecture professionals. 

The summer schools are built around the principles of codesign and multi-generational learning. Architecture and the built environment are examined critically, experientially and through a phenomenon-based approach, and artistic methods are utilized in the work. 

The Museum of Finnish Architecture is proud to organize summer schools in 2023 together with the You Tell Me collective, Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, and Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA.

Discover the creative journey of the summer school students and their perspectives on architecture and the built environment! 

The summer school’s partners in 2023 are Archinfo Finland, DAMY ry, Maire Mattinen and Ramboll Finland Oy.