Erich von Ungern-Sternberg

17.02.1910, Tallinna - 09.07.1989, Helsinki

Architect 1938, Helsinki University of Technology

Erich von Ungern-Sternberg worked in Petsamo, Lapland (now part of Russia) in 1937–-39 and then in the office of Bertel Liljequist in Helsinki. In 1945–46 he was employed with Häme Province Association of Agriculture, after which he established an office of his own, which operated until 1977. In 1940–41 von Ungern-Sternberg taught at Helsinki School of Technology.

Von Ungern-Sternberg mainly designed industrial buildings around Finland, for instance Helsinki, Vantaa and Hanko. Besides these, he designed several private houses, villas and manors. One of his larger works is the Solvalla Sports Institute in Espoo.

Erich von Ungern-Sternberg donated his collection to the museum in 1981.