Alusta Pavilion: Aesthetics and the Environmental Crisis

Location: Muualla

in English / free entry

Environmental philosopher Sanna Lehtinen from Aalto University discusses aesthetics, nature culture relations and the possibility of change.

The event is in English and situated in Alusta Pavilion, located between the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum. The location is outdoors. The event is free and there is no pre-registration.

Alusta Pavilion

Alusta pavilion, built on the courtyard of the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design museum, explores nature-culture relations and offers a place for encounters between humans and non-human animals in urban space. The pavilion functions as a platform for environmental discourse, both on the level of its form and materiality, and the different activities which take place there. It comprises a pollinator friendly meadow and structures made with clay in its different forms; unfired and fired brick and rammed earth. Alusta is realized by a multidisciplinary group lead by Suomi/Koivisto Architects.
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