Ark Rex – Architecture Film Festival

Location: Muualla

Ark Rex – Architecture Film Festival
Utopias, dreams and future challenges

25–28 November 2021
The Museum of Finnish Architecture & Bio Rex – Amos Rex, Helsinki

Ark Rex – Architecture Film Festival is arranged on the final weekend of November on 25–28 November 2021. The main theme of this year’s event hosted by the Museum of Finnish Architecture and Amos Rex is Utopias, dreams and future challenges, with a leading side theme of wood architecture.

The festival programme delves into ideals, dreams and goals of the past and future, and how they have influenced our thinking, environment and architecture in practice. The history, current state and possible futures of utopias are constructed from the perspectives of architecture, films, literature, philosophy, economics and building technology.

The festival programme is announced on 1 November 2021, when ticket sales also begin: