Vaaleanpunainen otus pitelee Arkkitehtuurimuseon keltaista logoa päänsä päällä.

”I really like how the school became a safe place where you can talk about anything you feel and need always having a reaction to thequestions. Also it’s nice that this school was a combination of different activities changing all the time.”
– Participant 2022

Fill This Space

Ryhmä nuoria seisoo aurinkoisella kalliolla meren rannalla.

Are you interested in architecture or perhaps pursuing a career in design? Are you contemplating what you’d like to study or how you could otherwise contribute to your local environment? At the Architecture Museum’s  and Design Museum’s free summer school, you’ll delve into architectural themes and learn more alongside inspiring instructors. The content of the five-day summer school is designed based on participants’ preferences and interests. Thus, you can influence the topics covered in the summer school yourself. Throughout the week, we’ll collaboratively produce an exhibition in the Design Museum’s studio space. To participate, you don’t need any previous experience, knowledge, or skills – come as you are! The most important thing is that you’re open to new ideas and eager to learn. Join us in creating, designing, and making an impact!

Vaaleanpunainen otus seisoo Arkkitehtuurimuseon keltaisen logon päällä.

”The sketchbooks, excursions, and massing project were hands-on and easy to actively participate in. The environment felt very open and relaxed. It was also really nice to have had the option to attend summer school in English.”
– Participant 2022

Open call for 16–20 years-olds

Apply for the Summer 2024 Fill this Space Summer School!

Summer School 1: June 3–7 (in Finnish)
Summer School 2: June 10–14 (in English)
Summer School 3: July 29–August 2 (in Finnish)

  • For 16–20-year-olds interested in architecture and the built environment.
  • Schools are conducted in both Finnish and English.
  • The summer school is free for participants, but it’s good to be prepared for travel expenses within the HSL area.
  • It includes five working days held in face-to-face sessions.
  • Application period for the Summer 2024 schools is from April 1– April 30, 2024.
  • The summer schools are conducted as day classes. Students are responsible for their own accommodation.
Apply here


Architecture and design belong to everyone. We at the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Design Museum want everyone to have the opportunity to safe participation as themselves, without fear of discrimination or harassment. We are committed to the principles of a safer space in all our activities. Read more about the principles of a safer space here. You can find more information about the accessibility of the Museum of Finnish Architecture here and of the Design Museum here.

Vaaleanpunainen otus halaa Arkkitehtuurimuseon keltaista logoa.

“I think it’s a great way to bring young people together in an educational way without making it a burden. I haven’t seen many courses organized like this and I think it’s nice to give an opportunity for those who are interested to join.”
– Participant 2021

Want to partner up?

Would you like to support our summer school activities? We are looking for educational partners again in the spring of 2024.