KOKIMO Gardening Gourmet 

In March 2024
In the Garden Futures: Designing with Nature exhibition

KOKIMO Gardening Gourmet (2024) is a performance installation at a dinner table. The piece builds a relationship with the seasons, the concept of the garden, the exhibition space, the Vitra Garden Futures exhibition and its works and objects.

Through the garden and the seasons, the piece explores audiovisual, spatial and gastronomic perspectives and stimulates the experience in a multi-sensory way.

Performances in March 2024.


KOKIMO is an independent art collective founded in 2010 and based in Helsinki. KOKIMO creates performances, pieces, exhibition projects and curation. KOKIMO works in a collaborative and site-sensitive way, respecting the values of sustainability. The works emphasise multisensoriality and experientiality.

KOKIMO Gardening Gourmet Working Group: Raisa Kilpeläinen, Pauli Kotilainen, Viljami Lehtonen, Veera-Maija Murtola & Anna Pöllänen