Nordmark & Nordmark / SWE
Our approach follows the site-specific approach of Sverre Fehn, in which the visitor, the exhibition objects, and the Nordic Pavilion collectively become the context. As architecture is a place for interaction, so the object intends to strengthen the link between the room and people in the room and to encourage communication.
Light and sound resonant in a shape inspired by Fehn’s work, in an abstract form to open and expand thoughts, questions, and interaction. The black matte surface absorbs light and the contrast makes the light of the Pavilion more visible. The object is a view-finder, privileging the visitor’s sense of sight; the visions afforded by the multiple and changing views highlight Fehn´s approach to the interaction of architecture and nature.
The view-finder also thus visualizes the Pavilion as a symbol of sustainability. The main issue for architects in environmental and economic matters is to make architecture that will remain attractive and useful over time.
At the same time as the shape collects the light of the Pavilion and frames a selected view, it can also amplify the human voice. When used as a megaphone, the sound of a voice occupies the Pavilion. Thus, anyone can communicate their opinion, a necessity in building a democratic and sustainable society.

Photo: Ilari Järvinen
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