The library of the Museum of Finnish Architecture is open to all free of charge.
Follow these rules to make loans.

Right to use services

  • The Library is open to all. Persons age 16 and older may register as customers.
  • Registration requires a valid, picture ID and a postal address in Finland. Visiting researchers and exchange students also have a right to obtain a library card regardless of the above conditions.
  • Currently there is no library card, but presentation of identity card is required. Personal data and address are collected in connection with the first loan. Changes of address must be notified.

Library loans

  • Checking out materials is cost free as long as you return the loan on time or renew the due date before a late fee
    comes into effect.
  • PERIODICALS: Single issues are not loaned except for a small number of double copies.
  • FENNICA AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: Fennica materials (marked F) and those of special collections are not loaned, but they can be read in the library. For weekend study, it is adviseable to reserve material in advance.

Loan period and renewing

  • Loan period is 30 days for materials held in the general collection (marked A).
  • Material borrowed from the library may be renewed. You can renew items 11 times by using the online self-service, visiting the museum’s service point or calling. You cannot renew an item that another customer has reserved.
  • Library may restrict the number of items checked out.

Reminders and return claims

  • The Library sends out reminders about loans that will soon fall due. The first reminder arrives by email for those who have given their email address to the Library. The next reminders come after the due date by either email or postal mail. The purpose of the reminders is to prompt library patrons to return or renew their borrowed material without undue delay. The reminders in no way suggest that the responsibility for returning or renewing the item(s) has shifted from the customer to the Library.
  • Return claim charge: EUR 4,00 for each claim (sent at 14 days’ intervals).
  • Return claims ca be paid by card or cash at the museum. Paying by invoice is possible as well.
  • Loaners are charged for eventual costs of return claims and address queries. Compensation is required for damaged and lost material. Negligence of obligations impedes further loans.
  • After three return claims, or when charges are 12 euros, borrowing is restricted.
  • Loans can be renewed after the charges are paid.
  • Charge for unreturned material (billed in connection with 4th claim): minimum fee EUR 50 per book.
  • Unpaid bills are transferred to Lowell. Lowell will send the reminders and charge a fee.
  • After the reminders, the unpaid bills are sent to collection agency Lowell. The customer can still return the loans and the fee for materials is compensated. The customer pays the charges of the collection agency.

Damaged or lost material

  • Lost or damaged publications must be compensated by either supplying a new copy of the publication or paying the price indicated by the Library.


  • You may place a reservation on a library item. To reserve the item, go to opac or visit
    the library in person. You will receive a notice when the item is returned and available.
  • The item will be kept on reserve for you until the date indicated in the notice.

Interlibrary loans

  • The Library does not provide material from other libraries (interlibrary loans) but library’s open collection can be requested to other libraries in Finland. Interlibrary lending is a paid service.
  • The charge is indicated on the fee schedule.

Privacy policy

The processing of personal data in the Library Register of the Museum of Finnish Architecture is based on a legitimate interest (customer relationship or agreement). The information is used for borrowing items and/or communications.

Following data of the data subject is saved:

• First and last name;
• Address;
• Email;
• Phone number;
• Birthday;

Personal data is mainly collected from the data subject themself. Self-registration is possible by using OPAC.

After proofing their identity, data subject may gain access to their own data and check personal data concerning themselves processed by the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Personal data may be checked by using library’s opac

Data subject may define, if check out history is saved. Information about the check out is erased from the library system once the loan is check in, if the check out history is not saved.

Digitally processed personal data is protected and stored in the systems of the Museum of Finnish Architecture, to which access is restricted only to persons who need such data in order to perform their work tasks. These people have personal usernames and passwords.

Personal information is protected from outside use and the use of customer information is monitored. Customers have a personal username and password protection.

All personal data is confidential. Library will not give information to outsiders.

As a general rule, personal data will be retained for two years after last check out if all items have been checked in.

Each data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority or the supervisory authority of the Member State of the European Union where the data subject is domiciled or employed if the data subject considers that their personal data have not been processed in accordance with applicable data protection law.

Updated 25.11.2021