Themed Guided Tour Series / Wivi Lönn’s Ebeneser – Art Nouveau Castle on Children’s Terms

Location: Muualla

Note! Booking is required.

On this themed guided tour, we get to know the Ebeneser House, one of the most significant works of the most active creative period of architect Wivi Lönn. Inside the building, we get to see how the perspective of the users was always the starting point guiding Lönn’s design and the ways in which she created a comfortable and home-like environment for the children in the kindergarten. Lönn’s interpretation of the most popular architectural trend of the early 20th century, the Art Nouveau, is also noteworthy in Ebeneser.

The themed guided tour is a collaboration between the Museum of Finnish Architecture, the Kindergarten Museum and the Ebeneser Foundation. The themed guided tour is written by Taina Sillanpää, the executive director of the Kindergarten Museum, and Anna Autio, the curator of collections of the Museum of Finnish Architecture and curator of the exhibition Long Live Wivi Lönn! The themed guided tour series is a part of Long Live Wivi Lönn! exhibition programme.


The Kindegarten Museum & the Ebeneser Foundation

The Kindergarten Museum, maintained by the Ebeneser Foundation, is located in the Sörnäinen. In the museum, you will discover a century of activity in the Ebeneser Kindergarten. There is room to play and build in the kindergarten’s large hall. The museum contains things to discover and do for children and adults alike. Read more.


Friday 3, February 2023 | Day of Architecture and Design 2023 | 6–7 pm 
Language: in English | Participation: 10/5/0 € (incl. Entrance ticket to the Kindergarten Museum and the Museum of Finnish Architecture) 


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A total of 20 participants will be admitted to one themed guided tour. Places are filled in the order of booking. The fee for participation is paid on arrival in the front yard of the Kindergarten Museum and the Ebeneser Foundation, with the exception of themed guided tours that are free of charge. Please note that the booking is binding and personal: only one booking can be made per person per form. Successful submission of the form is an indication of a successful booking. Instructions for participation will be sent to participants by email about a day before the themed guided. If you have to cancel your participation, please contact:

Accessibility and Health Safety

The themed guided tour starts and ends: The Kindergarten Museum & the Ebeneser Foundation (Helsinginkatu 3–5, 00500 Helsinki)

The themed guided tour starts from the public urban space in the courtyard of the Ebeneser House, from which we continue to indoors spaces. The length of the guide is about 60 minutes. The pace of progress on the themed guided tours is calm and includes several stops. The outdoor route is partly paved and partly uneven sandy and gravel terrain. The transition from paved section to the sand and gravel section is threshold-like and uneven. There are a few benches outside. The entrance to the Ebeneser house has two steps. It is possible to install a metal ramp on the steps. There are two long staircases (approximately 12 to 14 steps between stair landings), thresholds (approximately 2 to 3.5 centimeters high) and narrower doorways (approximately 76 to 90 centimeters wide) along the indoor route. The Ebeneser house has an accessible lift. There are various seats or benches inside. You can bring your own camping chair. Nearest public toilet is located at the Kindergarten Museum. Nearest public accessible toilet is located at the music school in the same building.

We recommend the use of a face mask (applies to anyone over 12 years of age). You can find more information about the health safety of the Museum of Finnish Architecture at this link. On the themed guided tour we follow the principles of a safer space, to which we are committed to in all museum activities. You can find more information about the principles of a safer space in the Museum of Finnish Architecture at this link.

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