Garden Futures: Book the Allotment Garden for your event

The Garden Futures Allotment Garden is a space where you can take a breath and digest what you have experienced in the exhibition. The space can also be booked for one’s own grassroots-level activities around the garden theme. 

Do you have an event in mind that you would like to organize in the spaces of the Museum of Finnish Architecture? Would you like to try something new or test a workshop concept with a low threshold? Do you need space for a small lecture, peer learning, a film club, or a music performance? Do you want to start a reading group, present a thesis, organize a book launch, or gather around a topic?

The Allotment Garden of the Garden Futures exhibition offers space for various groups as well as small events related to architecture, design, built environment, culture, art, and science in open and free spaces on Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm (excluding free days on the last Tuesday of each month) and on Sundays from 4pm to 6pm.

Space and technology

Space: The small exhibition hall of the Architecture Museum can accommodate about 20-30 people (with safety distances 10-15 people) for events. The space has various seating options. If necessary, you can also use a table (120 x 60 cm) with lockable wheels underneath. The space is located within the exhibition and showcases Finnish allotment garden culture.

Technology: It is possible to book a 65″ display (HDMI connection, adapters) for the event space, which can be used during the event. In addition, if necessary, the museum can provide light sound reinforcement (active speaker, microphone) and a computer for the event.

The event organizer is responsible for planning and realizing the event independently.

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Booking Condition

The event must be open and free for everyone. Participation in the event is also free of charge on behalf of the museum. The event space is located in the exhibition, but please note that the admission ticket for the actual exhibition visit is always sold separately. Workshops cannot contain elements that may leave marks or dirt in the space. The event can be targeted at a certain group or audience or related to the activities of an organization. Please note that we cannot close the museum space from other visitors during the event. The event organizer must commit to the the Museum of Finnish Architecture Safer Space Principles. The Museum of Finnish Architecture reviews all event reservations and reserves the right to cancel the reservation.


Museum of Finnish Architecture Accessibility Information
Museum of Finnish Architecture Safer Space Principles

Further information

Kaura Raudaskoski 
Producer of Learning and Public Programmes 
+358 45 773 10479 (Mon-Wed)